CHARLOTTESVILLE - Food Service Director

Job Description


As our Food Services Director you will be responsible for planning, developing, directing, and monitoring all operational activities of campus-wide Food Services to ensure that residents are provided with appetizing, nutritious, and visually pleasing meals with strong consideration given to resident choice and preferences.  Included are activities related to hiring and training staff, establishing menus and recipes, food preparation, maintaining adequate equipment / supplies / food inventory, and sanitation.       

Management Responsibilities

  • Supervises performance and behavior of staff holding them accountable for care-giving practices, job performance, customer service, record-keeping, dress code standards, attendance, policy compliance, etc. 
  • Provides “on the spot” training, guidance, coaching and counseling as needed to correct and improve staff performance
  • As necessary to correct improper job performance and/or behavior of staff, implements formal corrective action in compliance with established policy.  
  • Included may be suspending a staff member and gathering / recording information regarding circumstances that lead to suspension.   
  • Participates in the interview process and selects or makes recommendations for selection of staff for department or unit of responsibility.
  • Completes assigned performance appraisals providing appropriate and effective feedback during performance appraisal discussion with staff.
  • Collaborates with immediate supervisor to develop annual operating and capital budgets.
  • As assigned, develops and implements corrective action plans to reduce or eliminate budget variances. 
  • Uses sound professional judgment to appropriately advise immediate supervisor or Executive Director of non-routine occurrences or issues.                   

Principle Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintains compliance with State and local health standards regarding safe food handling and storage, sanitation, and other regulations applicable to food service operations.    
  • Develops and implements food preparation and storage practices that comply with regulatory standards.  Ensures departmental compliance
  • Develops and implements sanitation practices that comply with regulatory standards.  Ensures departmental compliance
  • Ensures that kitchen equipment is maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations for preventive maintenance and cleaning.  
  • Provides staff with safety training and safety equipment for use of hazardous kitchen tools and equipment such as knives, slicers, mixers and food processors.  Monitors and holds staff accountable for safe use of all hazardous equipment.   
  • Oversees meal service in dining room or other common dining areas to ensure superior customer service for residents and their guests. 

· Ensures the following:

  • Dietary needs of residents, as identified in Individual Service Plans (ISPs) are met and that religious dietary practices of residents are respected. 
  • The time between evening meal and breakfast, for all residents, does not exceed 15 hours
  • at least 4 hours between breakfast and lunch meals and at least 4 hours between lunch and evening meal. 
  • menus for meals and snacks for the current week are dated and posted in an area conspicuous to residents and that menu substitutions or additions are recorded on posted menu.
  • a diet manual containing acceptable practices and standards for nutrition is kept current and accessible in the Food Services Department.
  • maintenance of adequate food stock to meet resident care nutritional needs in accordance with approved menu and for emergency situations.
  • Collaborates with Registered Dietitian as necessary and follows up on RD recommendations to ensure optimal nutrition and weight management outcomes for residents
  • ·Prepares or ensures that food is prepared and served for special events such as birthday celebrations, resident functions, community events, or other activity involving food and beverages.   


  • At least 4 years of experience as Chef or Sous Chef in hotel, restaurant, or senior housing setting.
  • Two years of food service management or supervisory experience required. 
  • Formal food preparation training preferred. 
  • ServSafe Certification REQUIRED         

Other Essential Requirements:

·As part of its mission to provide a welcoming, homelike environment for its residents, Linden House promotes the use of animals as pets in the facility both as common facility pets and as pets owned and brought in by individual residents.  All employees must possess the ability and desire to work in a pet-friendly environment which will include performing job duties in the presence of pets, handling and caring for pets as may be required, and cleaning up after pets as necessary.    

·Demonstrates verbal and written communication skills (in the English language) sufficient to perform the principle duties and responsibilities outlined in this position description.