MM-Misty Mountain Production Maintenance-Night

Job Description


KVAT Food Stores, Inc. is currently accepting applications for the Production/Inventory job family. The Production/Inventory job family positions have a primary focus on various aspects of the production cycle at the Misty Mountain facility. Additional responsibilities include conformance to quality standards and to all applicable company policies and procedures. The Production/Inventory job family may include the following positions: General Plant Worker – Ice, Filler Operator-Day, Filler Operator-Night, Inventory Control Clerk, Dry Aisle Forklift - Day, Dry Aisle Forklift - Night, Dry Auditor, Dry Call Investigator, Dry Damage Rework - Day, Dry Damage Rework - Night, Dry Dock Forklift - Night, Dry Grounds Maint - Day, Dry Housekeeping - Day, Dry Housekeeping - Night, Dry Pallet Yard, Dry Receiving Forklift -1, Dry Receiving Forklift -2, Dry Tobacco Rm Lead Stamp, Dry Whse Cycle Cntr -2, Dry Whse Cycle Cntr -1, Freezer Aisle Forklift -1, Freezer Cycle Counter -2, Freezer Cycle Counter -1, Freezer Housekeeping, Freezer Rec Forklift  HBC Auditor, HBC Cycle Counter, HBC Forklift, HBC Stocker -Whse, HBC Tote Stacker, Logistics Specialist, Misty Inventory Cntrl Clk, Misty Mechanic -Day, Mst Lead Sanitation -Nt, Mst Prod Maint -Nt, Mst Prod Maint -D, Perish Aisle Forklift -Day, Perish Aisle Forklift -Nt, Perish Lead Sanitation, Perish Qual Assur Auditor, Perish Rec Clerk -Day, Perish Rec Forklift -Day, Perish Whse Clerical -Day, Perishable Cycle Cntr -1, Perishable Cycle Cntr -2, Perishable Damage Rework, Produce Aisle Forklift -1, Produce Aisle Forklift -2, Produce Auditor, Produce Cycle Count -Day, Produce Cylce Count -Night, Produce Rec Forklift -1, Produce Whse Lead Loader, Vending Assistant, and Lead Person. A full job description with a complete listing of all job duties, responsibilities and essential functions will be made available.