Customer Service Asst. Manager

Job Description


Work with the department manager to manage the department in order to maximize customer service, sales and profit while creating a positive relationship with the community and ensuring fair treatment of all customers, associates, external and internal contacts; ensure department achieves budget and department work plan. 



Initial minimum qualifications:

  1. Must be 20 years old; high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Successful experience of company training programs.
  3. Ability to display initiative and work with limited supervision.
  4. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with proven ability to communicate effectively.
  5. Demonstrated ability to gather information, make decisions and effectively communicate decisions and evaluate results for modification.
  6. Must be detail oriented with the ability to continually multi task.
  7. Demonstrate self motivation and successful experience in previous jobs.
  8. Demonstrated ability to work with people of various backgrounds, personality traits and levels of authority to accomplish company goals.
  9. Must be able to read and write English adequately.
  10. Ability to speak, understand and follow English instructions.
  11. Successful completion of pre-employment/promotion drug screen and criminal background check (Timeline must fall within companies’ guidelines).


Primary (essential) job functions:

The list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary by the company.


  1. Greet, assist and thank all customers in a prompt, courteous, friendly and business-like manner.
  2. Handling of various sales and service functions on the front end and at the courtesy booth including bottle returns, check cashing, customer complaints, refunds, telephone answering, sales of gift cards, money orders, cigarettes, stamps, and EFT sales.
  3. Effectively control proper storage limiting shrink and damaged goods.
  4. Practice proper sanitation procedures.
  5. Practice proper cash handling procedures, including all media, to prevent losses such as bank deposits (preparing & verifying), verify change orders, count & record pick-ups from registers, count & balance register tills, set up and loan register tills, record payments and deposits properly.
  6. Notify the Store Manager of any situations that need attention such as shortages, customer complaints, or requests.
  7. Keep work area swept clean, orderly, and free from safety hazards; report hazards to management.
  8. Be sure to operate and clean department equipment and tools.
  9. Exercise proper safety practices when lifting or moving product or using equipment.
  10. Ask customer for bag preference (paper, plastic, or if they brought in reusable bags).
  11. Record all items at correct prices in their correct departments quickly and efficiently.  Utilize all techniques specified in training.
  12. Able to identify different products from the various departments.
  13. Work efficiently and at an acceptable pace (items per minute should not be lower than 23).
  14. Account for proper recording sales and for money collected.
  15. Follow correct procedure for pick-ups, coupons, voids, eft and ebt transactions.  Keep tills neat.
  16. Maintain acceptable cash over/short record.
  17. Keep assigned check stand and its immediate area neat and clean.
  18. Maintain a neat personal appearance including proper uniform.
  19. Counts back change for each customer transaction.
  20. Participate in bagging customers’ orders properly.
  21. Check register for product to ensure nothing is left behind.
  22. Verify identification for beer and wine purchases (when applicable).
  23. Notify Store Manager of any problems: customer inquiries or complaints, incorrect prices or poorly marked merchandise, errors/problems with UPC codes, change and coin needed potential security problems, shrink problems within the store, perishable overstock at check stand (returns), or any unusual problems or situations.
  24. Participate actively in control of shrink (loss of profit); checking bottom of carriages, shoplifting awareness, associate pilferage, and perishable overstock control.
  25. Familiarize yourself with the total store layout.
  26. Follow proper hand washing and perishable food handling procedures.
  27. Ensure company standards of safety, proper food handling practices, sanitation, and productivity are achieved. 



Secondary job functions:


  1. Assist customers in locating items or identifying correct price.
  2. Clean up spills and maintain front end sanitation.
  3. Return shopping carts to proper location.
  4. Assist in training new cashiers.
  5. Present favorable impression in dress, personal hygiene, and a business attitude and professional image at all times.
  6. Notify management of associate theft, customer shoplifting, unauthorized mark downs or property defacement.
  7. Resolve customer complaints to the full satisfaction of the customer.
  8. Relieve cashiers for breaks and lunch as necessary.
  9. Enforce company policy on associate purchases.
  10. Minimize expense control by efficient use of all office and front-end supplies.
  11. Possess knowledge of the front-end computer system in order to rectify problems.
  12. Other duties as assigned by management.