Cafe Clerk

Job Description


Smile, greet and be courteous to customers, work with management and all other associates to provide a high level of customer service, be punctual, work your schedule, conduct yourself at all times in a professional business manner, assist in any way possible and as directed to provide for a clean and safe store environment, perform other duties as assigned. Maintain and operate the Cafe Department in an efficient manner within Company Policy. Ensure that the department contributes to the financial best interests of the store.


  • Greet, assist and thank all customers in a prompt, courteous, friendly and business-like manner.
  • Commit to the “Golden Rule” and work with other associate to build a strong customer service team.
  • Achieve the highest associate morale in the industry by working in a style that is Respectful, Supportive and Totally Team Oriented (RSTO).
  • Exemplifies Our Barista Promise by delivering high quality, handcrafted beverages and food.
  • Demonstrates knowledge and Understanding.
  • Able to view the store through the lens of the customer and proactively gathers and shares customer feedback.
  • Record all items at correct prices in their correct departments quickly and efficiently.  Utilize all techniques specified in training.
  • Can identify potential problems, takes action and proactively communicates ideas for possible solutions to managers.
  • Understands the importance of meeting store goals. Holds themselves accountable for understanding and achieving business measures and store goals.
  • Account for proper recording sales and for money collected.
  • Follow correct procedure for pick-ups, coupons, voids, EFT and EBT transactions.  Keep areas neat.
  • Shares candid feedback to help others grow and is open to takes action on coaching and feedback provided to help them grow.
  • Maintain acceptable cash over/short record.
  • Keep assigned check stand and its immediate area neat and clean.
  • Maintain a neat personal appearance including proper uniform.
  • Count back change for each customer transaction.
  • Participate in bagging customers’ orders properly after cash transaction;
  • Check register for product to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Participate actively in control of shrink (loss of profit); shoplifting awareness, associate pilferage, and perishable overstock control.
  • Familiarize yourself with the total store layout.
  • Follow proper hand washing and perishable food handling procedures.
  • Ensure company standards of safety, proper food handling practices, sanitation, and productivity are achieved. 
  • Practice the “Cleaner’s Creed” and proper sanitation procedures.
  • Keep sales and work area are swept clean, orderly, and free from safety hazards; report hazards to management.
  • Exercise proper safety practices when lifting or moving product or using equipment.

Be sure to operate and clean department equipment and tools.