Price Auditor



Under general supervision, this position is responsible for maintaining accurate pricing for West Marine merchandise.  They are responsible tagging merchandise.  He or She will audit prices to verify price accuracy.  

In addition, the Price Auditor may assist on the sales floor by helping customers through product knowledge, addressing their needs, and recommending additional items and/or services that will compliment their destination or boating experience.  They will perform related work as required.  This position reports to the Store/General Manager.      

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Essential Job Functions

•    Performs required number of price audits by day and week.

•    Ensure that all merchandise is tagged with the correct pricing.

•    Audit prices frequently to verify accuracy.

•    Implement EUFA (Engage Customers, Understand the Customers, Fulfill Customers’ needs completely, Add Value by adding on).

•    Treat Associates, customers and vendors better than they expect.

•    Acknowledge and greet customers that are within a close (ten-foot) radius or ten seconds of arriving where the Associate is working.

•    Provide product knowledge to customers through the features, values and benefits of each product.

•    Suggestively sell additional items and services that the customer may not have anticipated.

•    Handle returns/complaints graciously and effectively.

•    Work with Associates to achieve Store’s sales plan.  Strive to achieve individual sales plan.

•    Actively participate in programs and procedures that drive sales.  

•    Correctly handle all register transactions.

•    Suggest usage of West Marine programs and services.

•    Complete assigned tasks in Daily Checklist, Weekly Checklist, Monthly Checklist and Master Checklist.

•    Log in to the online Store Bulletin each day worked to read and complete assigned action items.

Additional Job Functions

•    Receive and display product shipments on store retail shelves within twenty-four hours of delivery.

•    Ensure the store is neat, clean and organized throughout each business day.

•    Know where products are located within the store.

•    Be aware of current promotional items and the correct pricing.  

•    Work with fellow Associates to maintain that Asset Protection standards are met all the time.

•    Answer the telephone within three rings.

•    Performs related duties as required.

Minimum Training and Experience

Prior experience in price auditing, boating, and sales helpful.  Excellent communication skills.  Must be able to work a standard workday as set by West Marine.  Must be able to lift forty pounds to shoulder height unassisted.  Must be proficient in Math and English.  Must have the ability to wear and communicate through a headset.  Must have a flexible schedule and be able to work evenings, weekends and holidays.  

Expectations of Employment

Associate Relations                    Communication
Job Knowledge                          Decision Making Initiative
Planning/Organization                Action Orientation
Dependability                            Teamwork
Ethics                                       Safety