Register Complex Supervisor

Location: Westbury, NY (1085 Old Country Road)


To actively participate in the overall supervision and consistent execution of the established Best Practices, in the Complex and on the sales floor, while delivering effective coaching that consistently develops team members into future managers.


  • Partner with the New Employee Development Manager or the Buddy Program Supervisor in order to ensure that team members are properly trained to deliver a fast, accurate, service oriented check out process.
  • Consistently teach team members how to improve their handling of transactions and their awareness of loss prevention concerns.

Partner with register complex management in order to sustain positive team member relations.

  • Promote and protect the Century 21 Brand by maintaining a clean and distraction free register complex.
  • Partner with sales floor management to efficiently process returns and support floor moves, transfers, and markdowns with team members that are not needed in the register complex.
  • Provides clear direction and the support needed to maintain an efficient register complex environment.
  • Ensure that each team member is executing the NNSS one hundred percent of the time without any excuse, limitations, or failures.
  • Be aware of the possible need to open more registers and flex additional team members to the register complex in order to maintain a fast checkout process.
  • Maintain a high since of urgency to complete fast price inquiries and complete the sale.
  • Support the maximization of each sale by coaching team members on how to suggest complimentary items and make sure that each guest leaves the store with everything they need.
  • Be highly aware of any possible internal or external theft and alert Loss Prevention when necessary.