Service Express Agent/PBX

Location: Portland, ME (The Westin Portland Harborview ( 157 High Street ))

Job Description


Service Express/PBX

You’re the hub of information and help for the hotel – handling incoming calls that need to be answered promptly and efficiently as well as guest requests such as amenities, cribs, in-room dining, help with luggage, etc. All this and a smile in your voice, too!  You’re also a critical touch point when emergencies occur.  You are someone who can offer a great impression via the telephone as you effortlessly convey authentic warmth and a desire to serve.  As a Service Express Team Member, you will:

• Make a First Impression – the person in this role must have a genuine passion to deliver a great hospitality experience without often getting to meet the guest.  You must Wow the guest with your warm friendly tone of voice and personality.  And, of course, you must deliver the message!  If you are in the role of service delivery, you must be equally as customer service focused – Wow is always the word.
• Enjoy Problem Solving – many guests need help with miscellaneous things and they call on you for answers or to route them to the person with the answers.  Listen and help as best you can and direct them to the right resource of organize the delivery of the item they need.
• Be a Safety & Security Agent – follow your hotel’s established safety and security policies & procedures.  Anticipate problems and call management as needed.  Be ready in the case of a true emergency to assist with notifying guests and co-workers as instructed.



Job Requirements
This role requires good verbal and written English communication skills with a very clear speaking voice. A second language is helpful.  A professional phone manner and ability to have someone hear the smile in your voice is required.  Prior experience with a switchboard is helpful, although not essential.  You must have the ability to operate multiple phone lines as well as have familiarity with computers.  This job can be sedentary if assigned during that shift to the switchboard, but also very active if doing guest delivery.  Depending on which role you have that day, you may find yourself not needing to do exert much force (sedentary role) but on the other hand if making deliveries may need to exert up to 40 pounds of force occasionally and up to 10 pounds of force frequently as you lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects, e.g. picking up trays, helping with luggage, etc.  This role may work under variable temperatures and noise levels and needs the ability to bend, stretch, twist or reach with both body and arms.  Also needs to be able to stand and/or walk for lengthy periods of time without leaning and have the ability to work under variable temperature and noise conditions, both inside and out, as well as around chemicals, fumes, odors, dust and mite hazards.