DC-Perishable General Warehouse Night

Location: Abingdon, VA (Abingdon Food City Distribution Center- 26331 Hillman Highway)


KVAT Food Stores, Inc. is currently accepting applications for the General Warehouse job family. The General Warehouse job family positions have a primary focus on responsibilities required to maintain the routine operations in a Warehouse environment. Additional responsibilities include routine warehouse sanitation, unloading and cleaning of returning trucks/trailers, the proper handling and dispersing of returned damaged product and observing all applicable company policies and procedures. The General Warehouse job family may include the following positions: Dry General Warehouse Day and Night, Freezer General Warehouse Day and Night, HBC General Warehouse Day, Misty Mountain General Warehouse Day and Night, Perishable General Warehouse Day, Dry Sanit Lead, Dry Truck Unloader - Day, Dry Truck Unloader - Night, and Night and Produce General Warehouse. A full job description with a complete listing of all job duties, responsibilities and essential functions will be made available.

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