Location: Cedar Falls, IA (6222 University Ave.)


Serves and suggestively sells drinks, appetizers, entrees and desserts in an outgoing, friendly and timely manner so as to “WOW” our Guests. Completes “Sauce Tours” with every table every time ensuring a positive Guest experience. Performs side duties including, but not limited to, answering the phone, bussing tables, washing dishes, cleaning work stations, rolling silverware, expediting orders and running food.  Responsible for accurate cash handling.  Follows steps of service and front of house absolutes.  Maintains regular and consistent attendance and punctuality.


  • Interacts verbally with all Guests creating a friendly and upbeat atmosphere.  Greets Guests, explains signature items, tours the Guest through the menu using concise and articulate language; listens and responds to questions.  Suggestively sells and upgrades drinks (specialty, premium and call brands), appetizers, entrees and dessert menu items by providing specific and descriptive mouth watering adjectives when describing each item.  Completes Famous Dave’s sauce tour to every table every time.  Observes Guests, practices the two-bite/two minute check back to ensure Guest satisfaction.  Presents Guest check to each table and accepts a form of payment.  Makes correct change and/or completes the proper charge card procedure in a timely manner.    45%
  • Understands and accurately uses the P.O.S. (point of sale) system to clock-in/out, to process/input orders and complete end of shift procedures.    25%
  • Practices teamwork by assisting other Team Members by running food, greeting other tables, pre-bussing, refilling beverages, and providing assistance to other tables and Team Members when necessary. Prepares desserts for presentation to Guests (i.e., lemons, limes, etc.).  Prepares teas and soda machines.  Conducts set up and closing procedures and stocks ice.  Cleans areas as you go (“caaygo”).  Maintains sanitation, health and safety standards in work areas.    20%
  • Performs proper procedures for responsible alcohol service, knows legal drinking age and the proper procedures for requesting identification.  Always asks anyone who appears to be 40 years of age or younger for their identification card.  Monitors Guests who are drinking alcohol observing for behavior such as impaired judgment, impaired motor coordination, relaxed inhibitions, and slowed reactions time.  Keeps the MOD informed of anyone who may be intoxicated or reaching the point of intoxication.    10%



  • High School graduate or equivalent preferred


  • Previous server or restaurant experience preferred


  • Reading, writing, basic math and superior communication skills required
  • Understanding of federal, state, and local liquor laws
  • English language and professional communications skills are required
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to work calmly and effectively under pressure
  • Must have problem solving abilities, be self-motivated, and organized
  • Commitment to quality service, and food and beverage knowledge
  • Handles multiple priorities; work under stress and exercise good judgment


  • Activity - Frequency - Comments
  • Balancing - Infrequently        
  • Pulling - Infrequently    
  • Carrying - Daily, 25+ pounds    
  • Pushing - Infrequently    
  • Climbing - Infrequently        
  • Reaching - Daily, High shelves
  • Crawling - Infrequently        
  • Reach Above Shoulder - Daily, High shelves
  • Crouching - Daily, Low shelves    
  • Repetitive Foot Movement - Infrequently    
  • Depth Perception - Infrequently        
  • Repetitive Hand Movement - Hourly, POS system/knives
  • Fine Manipulation - Infrequently        
  • Seeing - Hourly    
  • Grasping - Daily        
  • Sitting - Infrequently    
  • Handling - Hourly        
  • Speaking - Hourly    
  • Hearing    Hourly        
  • Standing - Hourly, Shifts of 8+ hours
  • Kneeling - Daily        
  • Stooping - Daily    
  • Lifting - Daily, 25+ pounds    
  • Walking - Hourly, Shifts of 8+ hours
  • Mixing - Infrequently        
  • Twist - Hourly   

Environmental - Condition - Comments

  • Inside/Outside - Variable - Restaurant environment, freezer, ovens; Outside to take out trash
  • Cold/Heat - Variable - Restaurant environment, grill, freezer, ovens; Outside to take out trash
  • Wet/Dry - Variable - Restaurant environment, deliveries and full service catering
  • Noise/Vibrations - Variable - Restaurant environment
  • Hazards    Variable - Restaurant environment: knives, grill, fryer
  • Fumes/Dust/Odor - Variable - Hickory smoke, cleaning chemicals, kitchen odors (spices, meat), grill / fryer

Other Factors - Comments

  • Travel - Up to 15%.  May deliver full service catering.
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