Dietary Aide

Location: Salina, KS (Eaglecrest Assisted Living, 1501 E Magnolia Road)


Job Description: Assists in the kitchen area prior to, during, and after meals are served to the residents. Assists in maintaining kitchen work areas, and keeping equipment, utensils and food plates clean and orderly.

Accountability: Dietary aides report to Manager, Assistant Manager and Cooks

Equipment Used: Commercial dishwasher and other standard kitchen equipment.

Duties and Responsibilities: The employee must be able to perform the essential functions of the job with or without reasonable accommodations. Except as specifically noted, the following functions are considered essential to this position.

  1. Washes dishes, tableware, glasses, and other kitchen and dining room equipment and assures they are stored in an orderly fashion.
  2. Assures work is performed in accordance with all federal, state, and facility regulations regarding sanitation and infection control.
  3. May be required to prepare and serve coffee, tea, juice etc.
  4. May be required to wash all pots, pans and cooking utensils used to prepare a meal.
  5. Required to assist in cleaning work areas, dining room floor, dining room tables, and dining room chairs after each meal and occasionally after special events, sweep and mop floor at the end of shift.
  6. May be responsible for between meal nourishment.
  7. May serve meals to residents in dining area. May assist with the pouring of the beverages at each meal.
  8. Required to assist in the cleaning of the kitchen equipment, food storage area, and supply areas according to the facility schedule.
  9. Required to remove garbage from the kitchen and to clean trash containers.
  10. Required to perform duties in a swift and orderly fashion in order to accomplish tasks in allotted time.
  11. Assures personal compliance to all state and federal regulations including blood borne pathogens, infection control, use of hazardous materials, and fire safety.
  12. Assures personal compliance to resident’s rights.
  13. Follows safety procedures as stated in dietary service manual.
  14. Complies with schedule as established by Dietary Manager.

Physical Activity Requirements: Employees are required to ask assistance or to use lifting equipment when attempting to lift or carry items over 25 lbs. Employee must be aware that during the normal, routine performance of the essential functions, some of the following body movements may occur naturally, although they may not be a requirement of the job.

Primary Physical Requirements:

Lift up to 10 lbs: Constantly

Lift 11 to 25 lbs: Constantly

Lift 26 to 50 lbs: Occasionally

Lift over 50 lbs: Not required

Carry up to 10 lbs: Constantly

Carry up to 11 to 25 lbs: Frequently

Carry 26 to 50 lbs: Not required

Carry over 50 lbs: Not required

Reach above shoulder height: Constantly

Reach at shoulder height: Constantly

Reach below shoulder height: Constantly

Push/Pull: Constantly

Hand Manipulation:

Grasping: Constantly

Handling: Constantly

Torquing: Frequently

Fingering: Frequently

Controls & Equipment: Standard kitchen and office equipment



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