Sr Authority - NIKE Brand Coordinator



Primary Job Functions

Customer Service

  • Provide customers with highest level of customer service, emphasizing courteous and knowledgeable assistance to each and every customer.
  • Demonstrate the ability to listen to and solve customer issues.
  • Understand and be knowledgeable of how to handle customer complaints.
  • Be familiar with Company Customer Service policies.
  • Answer department phones courteously within three rings.
  • Address asset protection issues that may occur in the department in a manner that there is neither a loss to the company nor an uncontrollable situation with the customer.


  • Accountable for increasing sales, units per transaction and transactions size in the department(s).
  • Sell merchandise at company established prices and ensure discrepancies are addressed and authorized accordingly.
  • Be familiar with Nike accessories and suggestive sell these essential items.
  • Possess Nike product knowledge and be familiar with the product knowledge materials.
  • Be knowledgeable of merchandise on the floor as well as in the backroom, including verification of the current selling price.
  • Keep current on all new product information.
  • Be familiar with the daily advertising and promotions to accurately inform the customer.
  • Communicate to store management any missed opportunities in sales due to product.
  • Act as liaison between Nike, the store and corporate buying team.


  • Understand Learning Management System (LMS) training requirements and participate in LMS courses.
  • Understand and comply with Customer Service Survey Standards.
  • Understand and comply with Stop, Serve and Sell training.
  • Facilitate product training for associates in the department and conduct in-store product training meetings.
  • Ensure compliance and execution of company customer service and sales training programs.
  • Monitor, assist and develop associates in sales training and selling techniques.
  • Attend vendor clinics for products related to the department(s).
  • Ensure all Policies & Procedures (P&P’s) are followed in the department.

Floor Stock and Display

  • Responsible for light recovery of department during light customer traffic periods.
  • Responsible for ad sets.
  • Communicate any merchandise processing issues to Department Manager.
  • Responsible for other duties as assigned or developed.

Prerequisite skills/experience for position

  • 1-5 years experience in a retail environment or equivalent relevant experience.
  • Two years of full service footwear sales experience.
  • Strong selling skills, including multiple sales, trading up and other selling techniques.Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to interact comfortably and enthusiastically with customers and other associates.
  • Ability/flexibility to work any store open hours.
  • Must have knowledge of local competitive environment.
  • Extensive knowledge of Nike products lines being sold in the store.
  • Considerable sports knowledge preferred.
  • Understand and facilitate Policies & Procedures (P&P’s) and Audit Procedures.
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