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Position: Barista (US)

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You are about to begin the application process for Barista (US) position at STARBUCKS COFFEE COMPANY - 2300 BRENTWOOD BLVD. in BRENTWOOD, MO.

Please select any other nearby locations that you would like to apply to. Most of these locations will be Starbucks stores. Others may include Evolution Fresh, Seattleā€™s Best Coffee, Tazo or La Boulange locations, all of which fall within the larger Starbucks brand. You may select up to 4 total locations.

Note: La Boulange locations and Starbucks locations serving alcohol are denoted with an asterisk. You must be at least 21 years of age to serve alcohol.

Note: In order to comply with state employment legislation, some nearby locations cannot be included with this application. To apply to locations in additional states, please complete separate applications.

Nearby Locations:

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