School Age Services - Enrichment Leader

Location: Desoto, TX (School Age Services - Desoto)

Job Description


The program Enrichment Leader (EL) is responsible for assisting the Site Director in the planning, implementation, and facilitation of enrichment curriculum and program activities for the afterschool program. The EL guides the academic and social development of children ensuring a safe, enriching, and healthy learning environment. ELs use a variety of resources, provided by the Site Director to introduce skills in Arts, Music, Physical Activity, Character Development, STEM, and Nutrition Education.

The Enrichment Leader must have the competencies, skills, and proven leadership ability to successfully carry out the YMCA mission, goals, and visions for serving the community.  The Enrichment Leader will be responsible for the following:  
1. Plans and facilitates purposeful and engaging activities that complement the program’s thematic agenda and meets program quality and fidelity.
2. Follows program curriculum in a developmentally appropriate manner, meeting the individual physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of the participants.
3. Provides careful, attentive supervision; alert at all times.
4. Serves as a positive role model, demonstrates professional behavior and understand positive youth development approaches to the academic and social development of youth.
5. Facilitates a program environment that invites exploration, promotes positive play, and welcomes children.
6. Ensure 1:15 ratio is maintained throughout the enrichment portion of the day.
7. Ensures the safety and engagement of all children.
8. Proactively manages classroom behavior.
9. Sets up for and cleans up after all classroom activities.
10. Take care of school property (e.g., space, equipment, supplies) daily.
11. Collaborates with SLA Teacher to ensure enrichment activities are aligned with literacy and math instruction.
12. Promotes a team concept through a positive approach to supervision, communication, and interactions with others.
13. Maintains on-going communication with supervisor.
14. Attends and assists with parent/family events as designated by supervisor.
15. Upholds and exemplifies the YMCA’s Core Values and principles of Character Development.
16. Monitor and report to Site Director weekly attendance, student progress and behavior issues to site director.
17. Reports incidents to site director and manages incident or behavior issues with children.



1. Must be at least 18 years of age or older.
2. High School Diploma or equivalent. 2 years of college preferred.
3. A minimum of one year of experience working with children in lower elementary grades.
4. Must have strong leadership and diplomacy skills.
5. Exceptional group management, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.
6. Experience in creating, planning, and facilitating interactive and educational/artistic activities, youth development, physical activities, academic enrichment, and the arts.
7. Must possess speaking, listening and writing, skills appropriate for interacting with both children and adults.
8. Must be capable of implementing the daily program related responsibilities of the program.
9. Must have flexibility and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
10. Demonstrate a working knowledge of YMCA mission, purpose and goals, childcare policies and YMCA standards; ensures the program meets the highest standards of excellence.