Location: Evergreen Park, IL (2851 West 95th Street)


Completes all assigned prep  list items and sets up cook’s line stations.  Maintains product presentations, product quality and cook time standards.  Prepares all menu items according to Famous Dave’s recipes, plate presentations and specifications.  Completes side duties including, but not limited to bussing tables, cleaning back of the house areas, washing dishes, unpacking food / supply deliveries, organizing stockroom / cooler shelves.  Adheres to Company food and shelf life absolutes.  Maintains regular and consistent attendance and punctuality.


  • Prepares menu items according to Famous Dave’s recipes, plate presentations and specifications, serves hot food hot and cold food cold, working on several different orders simultaneously.    40%
  • Completes all assigned prep work: measure ingredients required for specific food items being prepared. Wash, cut, and prepare foods designated for cooking.     30%
  • Sets up work station, cleans, stocks, and restocks workstations.    10%
  • Maintain sanitation, health, and safety standards in work areas.    5%
  • Completes assigned daily and weekly cleaning projects.    5%
  • Works with a sense of urgency.  Monitors ticket times and works with Team Members to ensure food preparation activities are executed in a timely fashion.    10%



  • High School graduate or equivalent preferred


  • Previous cooking / prep experience preferred


  • Ability to accurately read, interpret and prepare all food recipes within Famous Dave’s guidelines
  • Ability to prepare and present menu items within cook time requirements
  • Reading, writing and verbal communication skills required
  • Capable of using knives, slicing equipment and other food preparation equipment
  • Read food order slips or receive verbal instructions as to food required by Guest and prepare and cook food according to instructions
  • Operate large-volume cooking equipment such as grills, deep-fat fryers, smokers, dishwashers, and griddles


  • Balancing - Weekly, Ladders    
  • Pulling - Hourly, Speed racks, carts
  • Carrying - Hourly, 50+ pounds    
  • Pushing - Hourly, Speed racks, carts
  • Climbing - Weekly, Ladders    
  • Reaching - Hourly, High / low shelves
  • Crawling - Infrequently        
  • Reach Above Shoulder - Hourly, High / low shelves
  • Crouching - Hourly, Low shelves    
  • Repetitive Foot Movement - Infrequently    
  • Depth Perception - Hourly        
  • Repetitive Hand Movement - Hourly, Knives, cooking and serving utensils
  • Fine Manipulation - Hourly, Knives, cooking utensils    
  • Seeing - Hourly    
  • Grasping - Hourly, Knives, cooking utensils    
  • Sitting - Infrequently    
  • Handling - Hourly, Food and kitchen items    
  • Speaking - Hourly    
  • Hearing - Hourly        
  • Standing - Hourly, 8 + hours
  • Kneeling - Hourly, Low shelves    
  • Stooping - Hourly, Low shelves
  • Lifting - Hourly, 50+ pounds
  • Walking - Hourly, 8 + hours
  • Mixing - Hourly, Twist    Hourly    

Environmental - Condition, Comments

  • Inside/Outside - Variable, Kitchen environment, grill, freezer, ovens; Outside to take out trash, start smoker
  • Cold/Heat - Variable, Kitchen environment, grill, freezer, ovens; Outside to take out trash, start smoker
  • Wet/Dry - Variable, Kitchen environment
  • Noise/Vibrations - Variable, Kitchen environment
  • Hazards - Variable, Kitchen environment: knives, grill, fryer
  • Fumes/Dust/Odor - Variable, Hickory smoke, cleaning chemicals, kitchen odors (spices, meat), grill / fryer

Other Factors - Comments

  • Travel - none
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