Service Clerk/Bagger

Location: Bridgewater, MA (Bridgewater Broad Street, Campus Plaza Rte. 18)

Job Description


Smile, greet and be courteous to customers, work with management and all other associates to provide a high level of customer service, be punctual, work your schedule, conduct yourself at all times in a professional business manner, assist in any way possible and as directed to provide for a clean and safe store environment, other duties as assigned. Provide outstanding service and assistance to customers at the checkouts.  Provide carry out service of customers’ purchases to their vehicles, where applicable; perform other tasks as assigned in a friendly, efficient manner within Company Policy.  Ensure that the shift contributes to the financial best interests of the store.



The essential duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

•    Observe all store rules and Company policies.
•    Maintain a neat, well-groomed personal appearance at all times and observe Company dress code.
•    Observe shift operating hours at all times as scheduled or assigned by Customer Service Manager.
•    Adhere to all local, state, and federal health and civil code regulations.
•    Bag customers’ purchases in accordance with established Store Procedures.
•    Sort and return-to-stock items (returns) back to their normal shelf locations with priority attention given to refrigerated and perishable items.
•    Perform price check functions.
•    Retrieve items for customers from inaccessible areas or that they are unable to handle.
•    Obtain items from shelves to replace exchanges or items that a customer desires to purchase but either didn’t remember until they had already proceeded through checkout or, at the time of checkout, had been discovered to be defective or damaged.
•    Assist customers with purchases including carry-out service and loading into their vehicles.
•    Gather shopping carts and take them to designated areas and pickup points.
•    Assist in prompt clean up of spills and breakages of glass or plastic containers to eliminate potential hazards and prevent accidents according to Company Policy.
•    Sweep floors during store hours and assist in other maintenance duties as assigned.
•    Keep the front end of the store clean and in good order.
•    Handle damaged and spoiled products according to Company Policy and assist in controlling the level of damaged goods.
•    Stock merchandise in assigned sections.
•    Comply fully with all Safety Policies and Procedures.
•    Perform all front end duties according to Company Policies and Procedures.
•    Perform other duties and assignments as directed.
•    Greet all customers and provide them with prompt and highly friendly, courteous service or assistance.

Job Specific
•    Physical Demands - Standing, walking, reaching, bending, twisting, ability to carry/lift 40 lbs, and push/pull 200lbs
•    Repetitive Actions - Pack groceries properly in plastic/paper bags, carry/push groceries in shopping cart to customer’s vehicle and load them, collect shopping carts from parking lot and return to designated area
•    Working Conditions - Seasonal weather changes, hot and cold
•    Safety Risk Factors - Slippery floor surfaces, cluttered floor surfaces, hazardous cleaning solutions, automobiles in parking lot, operation of department equipment
•    Machines, Tools, Equipment - Paper and plastic bags, shopping carts, compactor

Education and/or Experience:
•    High school education preferred but not required.
•    Successful completion of a training program or equivalent combination of education and experience.