Custodian 1

Location: Gig Harbor, WA (9725 Cramer Rd K PN)

Job Description


Position Title:  Custodian
Hiring Range:  $11.50+/hr depending on qualifications
Hours:   Part Time, up to 25 hours per week

The YMCA of Pierce and Kitsap Counties is seeking a Custodian to perform the necessary functions and activities required to maintain a clean and pleasing appearance of the building. Represent the YMCA and self in a professional manner of safety and fun.  Provide a quality experience to campers & families focused on YMCA core values: honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring.

Key Responsibilities

• Promote a positive environment that fosters fun, safety and our YMCA values.
• Maintain good public relations with members and always represent the best interests of the YMCA.
• Arrive with ample time to report to position at the scheduled time.
• Be responsible and fulfill your commitments to scheduled shifts.  Notify a supervisor personally and in a timely manner if you are unable to meet your commitment.  This includes illness and extenuating circumstances. 
• Participate in staff meetings as required.
• Participate in trainings as required.
• Assume other responsibilities as mutually agreed upon with a supervisor.

Custodial Responsibilities
• Complete all duties as required by supervisor on weekly work assignment list and maintain upkeep of assigned area and equipment. Return list to supervisor at end of week with completed items checked off and informational notes; receive a new list at the start of shift at beginning of each week. 
• Interior cleaning including, but not limited to, vacuuming carpets, cleaning windows, cleaning spills, sweeping or mopping floors, removing scuff marks from walls and floors, cleaning bathrooms and locker rooms, gum removal, dusting, odor control, and trash removal. 
• Operate related motorized and non-motorized equipment.
• Replace soap, towels, and other supplies.
• Assist other departments and branches as needed for ongoing or special events.
• Make a note of requests by staff and members and report those to your supervisor, on work  assignment list. Record and report all needed repairs and additional cleaning needs on assignment list. Report to supervisor conditions that require an immediate response. Repair and clean as directed.
• Ensure YMCA building and property is secure during shift and report incidents and hazardous conditions to supervisor.

• Follow all YMCA policies, rules, regulations and procedures, including emergency and safety procedures. Complete incident and accident reports as necessary.
• Double-check the clothing safety of all participants for jewelry, gum, and clothing violations that can result in injury.
• Double-check all equipment prior to activities. Alert maintenance if repairs are necessary.
• Know the location of the first aid kit, nearest phone, and incident reports.  Maintain current certification in CPR and First Aid for the duration of the season.
• Provide 1st aid and CPR if necessary and compliant with level of training.
• In an emergency, initiate the Emergency Management Plan and assume a lead role.
• Develop a working knowledge, and oversee compliance, of applicable ACA standards.
• Assist Camp Medic as needed and available.
• Ensure emergency procedures are followed, and notify supervisor of any incidents and accidents immediately.
• Maintain personal health (washing hands, getting enough sleep, healthy time off behavior, following Health Care Director/Doctor’s orders) and model positive health behaviors for campers.
• Manage stress and use positive techniques for reducing stress. To respond quickly and effectively to situations, including emergencies.

• Understand our YMCA’s mission, goals, objectives and programs to relay that information to inquiring families and participants.
• Understand the financial assistance given to members comes from our Annual Campaign.  Assist staff in helping to identify those individuals that may be interested in serving as a campaigner for and a donor to these efforts.
• Convey information on programs and schedules and as appropriate refer members and participants to other programs.

Additional Duties
• Model YMCA values (Honesty, Service, Forgiveness, Respect, Responsibility, Caring) in all aspects of work and personal conduct.
• Be enthusiastic toward members and staff – learn names and express an interest in them and their activities. Take opportunities to encourage, motivate and thank fellow staff for their work.
• Maintain a consistent professional image through dress, actions, and relationships with others. Speak enthusiastically on behalf of the YMCA at given opportunities.
• Participate in applicable training and conferences to further professional growth.





Minimum Qualifications

• The ability to learn and practice the correct procedures and techniques used in cleaning the facility.
• The ability to learn and practice the safe and correct operation of the equipment assigned to perform the required tasks.
• Ability to read and interpret instructions, procedures, manuals, and other documents.
• Ability to report and record maintenance requests.
• Knowledge of cleaning methods and equipment.
• Basic understanding of the upkeep and care of equipment.
• Understanding of cleaning compounds and chemicals, and their safe, efficient use.
• YMCA required trainings including Child Abuse Prevention training (within 60 days) and Blood borne Pathogen Training (within 90 days).
• The ability to demonstrate a friendly, courteous and professional manner while working with members, parents and staff and the ability to understand, articulate, and enforce YMCA policies and procedures in a positive way.
• Physical Demands
• Sufficient physical strength and agility to carry out essential duties.
• Ability to lift equipment.
• Ability to erect and stand on ladders and platforms at heights up to 30 feet.
• Ability to work with paint, cleaning equipment, chemical compounds, solvents, cleaners, and solutions in dry, liquid, powder, spray, and aerosol forms.
• Ability to paint, clean equipment, and operate motorized equipment as needed.
• Ability to work in conditions that will create dirt and dust.
• Ability to perform essential maintenance to facility or equipment which may involve, but not limited to the following activities: semi – reaching to full-reach overhead; crouching; kneeling; shoveling; carrying, working in narrow and/or confining spaces: underground, overhead, and at ground level; twisting of the waist, shoulders, and legs; and lying on stomach and/or back.