AQUATICS - Lifeguard Rentals

Location: Dallas, TX (White Rock YMCA - 7112 Gaston Avenue)

Job Description



The YMCA is currently taking applications for dependable and safety driven individuals to become lifeguards.  Candidate will act as a lifeguard during recreational, instructional and exercise usage of the pool; must be alert at all times, keeping in mind that the safety of program participants is your primary responsibility must keep a neat and clean appearance; must work at peak efficiently in all aspects of the aquatic program assigned; must arrive and leave work at the assigned times; should be ready to go to work at least 5 minutes prior to scheduled guarding time; must be properly dressed according to set standards; must enforce pool regulations for swimmers promptly and courteously; must test pool for chemistry and temperature, to log chemical levels, temperatures, water clarity, bather load and any actions taken hourly on the proper recording forms; must provide vigilant, undistracted supervision of the pool; must read and be familiar with staff aquatic manual; must understand and be able to carry out first aid and branch emergency procedures; must report fully all accidents and incidents on the correct forms; must check safety equipment when coming on duty and report any problems to the pool manager; must lock and unlock doors/gates to control entrance or exit of swimmers; must be able to perform all skills constituting a part of the training program for life guarding certifications; must clean up equipment and make sure all equipment is stored in its proper place.


Applicant must have and maintain current certifications for:

YMCA or American Red Cross Lifeguard, CPR and First Aid (American Red Cross CPR for the Professional Rescuer, American Heart Association Health Care Provider, Oxygen Administration and AED.  If ARC Lifeguard certified, must cross over to YMCA Lifeguard within 30 days of hire.

Receive OSHA Blood Borne Pathogens, YMCA Child Abuse Prevention, and Drug & Alcohol within 30 days of Hire Date. 

It is a plus to come in with certifications completed.

Physical and Mental requirements:   

Must be able to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Remain alert, with no lapses in consciousness
  • Be in the water for extended periods
  • Move to various locations in and out of the water
  • Able to kneel
  • Communicate verbally, including projecting the voice across distances, and communicate swiftly and effectively with lifeguards and other staff
  • See, observe, and hear all participants, and make sound judgments and decisions, even when distracted by noise and activity
  • Perform all swimming and rescue skills being taught
  • Think in the abstract, solve problems, make decisions, instruct, evaluate, supervise, and remember
  • Lift up to 40 pounds in order to assist participants as needed, and to set up equipment
  • Work in all temperature conditions at an indoor pool and outdoor pool.