Safety Manager

Job Description



Update, monitor and continue the development of company safety policies, procedures and training programs for new and existing OSHA and DOT issues, and all state mandated programs.  Handle all workers compensation and auto liability claims to completion at the lowest cost and lost time days without jeopardizing the best possible services available.


Accept responsibility for the development, enhancement, implementation and success of the safety program.

Continually monitor the safety program and to submit appropriate reports to management on a timely basis.

Maintain accident records, according to OSHA and DOT guidelines.

Analyze past and current losses for the purpose of prioritizing and directing safety training requirements.

Direct and assist in the development and writing of preferred work methods.

Direct and assist in the development and implementation of work practice observations methods and checklists.

Direct and assist in the development and implementation of safety awareness training for employees at the center level.

Direct and assist in the development of Personal Protective Equipment programs and to select such equipment as necessary to meet the needs of the program.

Direct and attend quarterly manager/supervisor safety activities meetings and to assist in the evaluation and direction of the program through the following actions:

 -setting goals

-evaluating the commitment of managers and supervisors

-training of managers & supervisors as needed

Direct and conduct monthly joint Safety Committee meetings comprised of employees and management and assist in the evaluation and direction of the program through the following actions:

Oversee and evaluate, on an ongoing basis, the effectiveness of the sub-committees within the Safety Committee.

Recommend changes and/or additions to the sub-committees, as needed, to meet the company’s on going safety needs.

Direct and assist in the development and administration of the safety orientation of new or current employees and the safety training and safe work practices that are in place or developed as a result of the program.

Direct and assist in the development and implementation of compliance programs such as those required by DOT, EPA, OSHA, FDA, and any state-mandated programs.

Evaluate and assist in the quarterly safety inspections completed by the OSHA Warehouse Inspection Committee and the OSHA Driver Equipment Inspection Committee, both sub-committees within Safety Committee meetings.

Direct and oversee the current Accident Investigation Committee meetings and reports results and recommendations at the monthly Safety Committee meeting.

Keep all management, supervisors and employees informed of all current and on going safety activities, including the implementation of SYGMA Safe.

Work with adjustors to investigate and resolve open claims.


Other duties as assigned










Undergraduate degree in Occupational Safety or 2-5 years experience with safety regulations such as OSHA, DOT, and FDA.



Work may consist of working in an office setting, warehouse setting subject to varying temperatures, and/or outside conditions. Must be able to verbally communicate effectively, either by telephone, or one-on-one.


Must be able to read at a distance close to the eyes, with or without correction.



Office environment located in the warehouse area, protected from the weather, but, not always from the temperature. Occasional travel with route drivers is required



Calculator, copier, facsimile machine, PC, forklift, pallet jack, hand cart.