YOUTH - Imagine Science Curriculum Instructor

Location: Dallas, TX (Imagine Science - Dallas Area)

Job Description


We are currently hiring for an exciting opportunity to work in the Imagine Science Program as a Curriculum Instructor. The Curriculum Instructor will facilitate STEM activities and programming for the Imagine Science summer outreach and school based program. This takes place throughout the Dallas area. He/she will need to interpret lessons and goals so that all staff are able to present the information properly and with continuity to youth in the program.  Provide guidance to staff as needed on daily curriculum and classroom management. Will also help in the training of part time staff members.



Expirence working with middle school age youth, have great customer service skills and great interpersonal skills.  Degreed professional, certified teacher preferred, background in STEM field. Must have experience in a classroom setting delivering instruction.  Must be 21 years of age with 2 years of leadership responsibilities.  Must be a great leader with skills to motivate staff and deliver lessons on qualtiy curriculum instruction.  Ability to adjust from sitting to standing with ease.  Ability to lift and carry at least 30 lbs.