Exercise Instructor 2

Location: Puyallup, WA (302 43rd Ave SE)

Job Description


Starting Wage:  $13.01+ per hour depending on qualifications   
Hours: Part Time up to 25 hours per week

Provides direct leadership, instruction and motivation for students in group exercise classes.  Provides excellent service to members in a safe, enjoyable, and positive environment that promotes member wellness and engagement in accordance with YMCA policies and procedures and focused on YMCA core values: honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring.  Represents the YMCA and self in a professional manner of safety and fun.

Key Responsibilities
Essential Functions:
• Promote a positive environment that fosters fun, safety and our YMCA values.
• Treat every student fairly and equally regardless of circumstances and abilities, making each feel good about themselves and encouraging a fun environment.
• Accentuate positive attributes nurturing the whole; physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally.  Give praise for effort.
• Encourage member involvement and identify potential volunteers.
• Maintain good public relations with members and always represent the best interests of the YMCA.
• Arrive with ample time to report to position at the scheduled time.
• Be responsible and fulfill your commitments to scheduled shifts.  Notify a supervisor personally and in a timely manner if you are unable to meet your commitment.  This includes illness and extenuating circumstances.
• Ensure accurate and timely records of your working hours so that accurate payment can be made to you.
• Participate in staff meetings as required.
• Participate in trainings as required.
• Participate in special events as necessary.
• Assume other responsibilities as mutually agreed upon with a supervisor.
Group Instruction:
• Conduct energizing, fun, safe, and educational classes to accomplish the YMCA mission and goals.
• Build effective relationships with members; help members connect with each other and the YMCA.
• Be available before and after class to speak with participants. Arrive prepared with a lesson plan that meets YMCA guidelines. Allow time to prepare equipment and promote member interaction.  Begin and end class as scheduled.
• Design the class to improve one or more of the four components of fitness: flexibility, strength, muscular endurance, and cardio-respiratory conditioning.
• Perform aerobic/fitness moves that demonstrate different intensity levels to meet the various fitness levels of participants.
• Possess the knowledge and skills needed to instruct classes in the above-mentioned techniques.
• Actively teach your classes in a positive manner.  Give clear directions and provide adequate demonstrations.
• Keep accurate records of attendance and skills covered on a daily basis.
• Ensure a substitute has been arranged for classes when necessary and notify a supervisor of any schedule changes.
• Train and supervise class aides as necessary.
• Incorporate the YMCA values and mission statement in the teaching of classes.
Health Seeker Connectivity:
• Understand and actively practice our commitment to the Health Seeker by serving, building relationships, and connecting with members who struggle to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
• Understand and actively practice Listen First techniques with a willingness to strategically listen and obtain relevant information to create an individualized experience for every member.
• Recruit volunteers to aid in connectivity, including between new and current members in class.
• Dress according to YMCA dress code, having on the appropriate shirt and nametag.  Dress in appropriate athletic attire.
• Double-check the clothing safety of all participants for jewelry, gum, and clothing violations that can result in injury.
• Double-check and set-up all equipment prior to class.
• Know the location of the first aid kit, nearest phone, and incident reports.  Maintain current certification in CPR and First Aid.
• Follow all YMCA policies, rules, regulations and procedures, including emergency and safety procedures. Complete incident and accident reports as necessary.
• Ensure emergency procedures are followed, and notify supervisor of any incidents and accidents immediately.
• Organize and put away needed class equipment.  Report damaged equipment. Promote a clean and well-maintained facility.
• Understand our YMCA’s mission, goals, objectives and programs to relay that information to inquiring families and participants.
• Understand the financial assistance given to members comes from our Annual Campaign.  Recruit and train as directed those individuals that may be interested in serving as a campaigner for and a donor to these efforts and.
• Convey information on group exercise programs and schedules and as appropriate refers members and participants to other programs.
Additional duties:
• Model our YMCA values through fun, positive relationships with staff and members. Seek every opportunity to encourage, motivate and thank fellow staff members for their work.
• Be enthusiastic toward members and staff by learning their names and expressing an interest in their YMCA activities. Strive to enrich their YMCA experience by introducing them to new programs, staff, members and volunteer activities.
• Incorporate “Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility” into all aspects of the position, to ensure YMCA values are being integrated into our culture and programs.
• Maintain a consistent professional image through dress, actions and relationships with others. Speak enthusiastically on behalf of the YMCA at given opportunities.
• Participate in applicable training and conferences to further professional growth as outlined in annual training plans.



• The ability to demonstrate skills in accordance with YMCA standards and effectively lead a safe aerobic/group exercise class.
• College degree in Exercise Science or Physiology or national certification (ACE, NETA, AFAA, NASM) in group fitness instruction.
• At least one year of experience teaching group wellness classes preferred.
• Knowledge of the fitness components of an aerobic or group exercise class.
• Demonstrated interest in broadening skills and knowledge.
• Passion for service and relationship building.
• Certification in areas of expertise.
• Have or commit to obtaining certifications in Basic First Aid, CPR, and YMCA Healthy Life Styles & Group Exercise Foundations.
• Attend a minimum of 2 CEC courses (6 hours or more) a year.
• YMCA required trainings including Child Abuse Prevention training (within 60 days) and Blood borne Pathogen Training (within 90 days).
• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
• The ability to demonstrate a friendly, courteous and professional manner while working with members, parents and staff and the ability to understand, articulate, and enforce YMCA policies and procedures in a positive way.
Physical Demands:
• Ability to conduct classes and activities relating to fitness. 
• Ability to perform all physical aspects of the position; including walking, standing, bending, reaching, and lifting.