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Little Rock
C - Technician
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Full Time Regular
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Applicable to Surveys Field Position:

Under general supervision, this position is responsible for measuring distances and traversing across various terrains to gather accurate information detailing land characteristics. This position will assist and work with other members on a survey crew. Work will require contact with the public.

The following examples are intended only as illustrations of various types of work performed. No attempt is made to be exhaustive. Related, similar, or other logical duties are performed as assigned. The Department may require employees to perform functions beyond those contained in job descriptions. The Department may modify job descriptions based on Department needs. The Arkansas Department of Transportation is an "at will" employer.

Applicable to Surveys Field Position:

  • Clean and care of survey equipment.
  • Clean and service survey vehicles.
  • Use hand tools such as sledge, axe, chainsaw, kaiser blade, shovel, etc.
  • Clear brush for view; climb trees to trim limbs.
  • Set up safety equipment and flag traffic when necessary.
  • Traverse rugged terrain including, but not limited to, bluffs, creeks and streams, brush and timber, fences, etc.
  • Carry sign posts, reinforcing bars, and other materials.
  • Use survey instruments, calculators, automated electronic data collectors, and GPS equipment.
  • Keep track of expenses and prepare individual expense reports.
  • Train in reading and plotting land descriptions and the use of computers.
  • Perform field reconnaissance for Public Land Survey System (PLSS) monuments.

Minimum Requirements


The educational equivalent to a diploma from an accredited high school. Knowledge of math as it relates to surveying, including trigonometry and geometry. Experience with the use of computers. Ability to adapt to evolving technology as it relates to surveying, including handheld field computers, desktop computer applications, and electronic surveying instruments. Experience or education in control, engineering design, or land surveying preferred.

Additional Minimum Requirements Applicable to Field Position

Physical ability to work with hand tools. Ability to traverse at least two miles over rugged terrain, through water, and work in an outdoor environment. Ability to stand and operate surveying equipment for at least two hours without a break. Ability to carry 50 pounds of equipment and supplies for at least two hours without a break. Constant statewide travel. Constant statewide travel for this position means overnight travel three or four nights per week, 52 weeks per year with reimbursement for expenses. Valid driver’s license.

("Accredited" means the educational institution or program is accredited by an accrediting organization recognized either by the United States Department of Education or by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.)

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