Crew Chief


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Public Works
109 3rd Ave S
United States of America



Purpose of Job


Under regular supervision of the Streets Maintenance Supervisor, directs, assigns, and evaluates multiple assigned maintenance crews, including part time staff.  As needed, performs daily landscaping, concrete installations, asphalt activities, stormwater operations and grounds maintenance of assigned City property and facilities, operates equipment, and performs routine vehicle maintenance.

Essential Job Duties 


A.  Performs supervisory duties

  • Supervises, directs, and evaluates street maintenance personnel, handling employee concerns and problems, directing work, counseling, disciplining and completing employee performance evaluations.
  • Responsible for proper training of assigned crews in personal protection and work-zone safety.


B.  Supervises either/or grounds maintenance, equipment maintenance, asphalt construction, concrete installation & repair operations, stormwater remediation & installation activities,

  • Plans work; assigns employees to crews; assigns crews to daily maintenance work or projects.
  • Communicates with supervisor, employees, other departments, City officials, the public, and other individuals as needed to coordinate work activities, review status of work, exchange information, or resolve problems.
  • Attends monthly Special Events Advisory Team meetings.
  • Supervises either/or variety of maintenance activities which may include:
    • Commercial mower & Tractor mower operations within City R.O.W.
    • Edging and trimming roadway medians, shoulders and along City sidewalks, landscaped areas.
    • Spreading grass seed, fertilizers, and straw.
    • Spraying chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides.
    • Laying sod, spreading mulch, building flower beds, pruning trees and shrubbery.
    • Cutting, grinding and removing dead or damaged trees, shrubbery and stumps.
    • Planting and maintaining flower beds and landscaped areas.
    • Grade, form, cast, finish concrete sidewalks, swales, headwalls, stormwater structures and appurtenances, retaining walls, combined curb & gutter, extruded curb, mountable curb, ribbon curb.
    • Place, grade, level, roll, install asphalt binder & topping within potholes, utility cuts, repair/replacement projects for service requests and work orders within roadways, parking lots & driveways.
    • Topsoil, grading operations behind curbs, along drainage swales, within yards,
    • In medians, next to sidewalks, walking trails & bike paths, in conjunction with storm drainage installation & backfill.
    • Debris removal after storm events
    • Plowing, Salting & Salt Brine operations during inclement weather.
    • Leaf vacuum service
    • Installing erosion control measures per stormwater ordinance.


  • Supervises basic plumbing repairs, which may include repairing leaks on irrigation and sprinkler systems and/or replacing parts as required for watering flowerbeds and plantings at designated landscaped areas.
  • Supervises basic electrical repairs, which may include repairing damaged electrical outlets utilized for various activities on town square; replacing and maintaining light fixtures around City monument, replacing bulbs in decorative lampposts.
  • Supervises basic construction and carpentry work, which may include repair and maintenance of old cemetery headstones; sidewalk form work; headwall form work; catch basin construction; replacement and/or repair of decorative brick in Main Street sidewalks; installing and maintaining banner brackets and banner poles.


C.  Performs work of Landscape Maintenance Worker, Crew worker and/or Equipment operator as needed.

  • Performs landscape maintenance, routine plumbing, routine electrical, and routine construction tasks as needed.
  • Assists with greenhouse upkeep and maintenance.
  • Assists in preparing for special City events, (i.e. Main Street Festival), which may include hanging and maintaining decorative lighting, placement and maintenance of decorative/seasonal banners, installing barricades, and clean up of litter during and after special events.
  • Transports, loads, and unloads various equipment and materials, which may include gradal, backhoe, mini excavator, rubber tired loader, dump truck, skid steer, asphalt roller, sweeper truck, leaf vacuum truck, storm sewer vacuum truck, leaf vacuum, bucket truck, tractor mower, commercial mowers, weed eaters, chain saws, leaf blowers and other equipment used in completion of assigned tasks.


D.  Equipment maintenance

  • Supervises or performs general maintenance tasks necessary to keep machinery, equipment and tools in operable condition, which may include inspecting equipment, checking fluid levels, replacing fluids, greasing equipment, washing/cleaning equipment, and cleaning shop/work areas; monitors equipment operations to maintain efficiency and safety; reports faulty equipment.


  • Receives various forms, reports, work orders, maps, or other documentation, reviews, completes, processes, forwards or retains as appropriate.
  • Responsible for accurate accounting of all purchases made with City-issued purchasing card. 


Minimum Requirements



Education and Experience: The required knowledge, skill, and abilities to satisfactorily perform job duties are normally acquired through attainment of an Associate's degree (A. A.) or equivalent from two-year College or technical school, plus 3 to 4 years of groundskeeping, lawn maintenance, equipment operating and/or general construction experience; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.


Required Certifications/Licenses:


TN Commercial Driver’s License  

TN Erosion Control/Prevention Level 1 (within 6 months of hire) (if applicable to assignment)

TN Department of Agriculture Commercial Certification license (within 1 year of employment) (if applicable to assignment)