Camp Seymour Summer Hourly Health Care Director

Job Description


Help maintain a safe, healthy camp environment using preventative health care and risk management techniques. Provide a quality experience to campers & families, focused on YMCA core values: honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring.  Represent the YMCA and self in a professional manner of safety and fun.

Essential Functions:
• Promote a positive environment that fosters fun, safety and our YMCA values.
• Uphold, model, and enforce camp policies, personnel policies and code of conduct.
• Model the values and philosophy of Seymour with campers, parents, and other staff in a positive and professional manner consistent with the personnel policies and mission of Camp Seymour.
• Possess a devotion to ensuring the safety and growth of campers.
• Participate 100% with activities; enjoy playing, and not "sit on the sidelines." 
• Work proactively with individuals and groups each day showing spontaneity & creativity.
• Recognize individual and group situations and effectively resolve conflicts based on camp values and procedures.
• Balance camp standards and expectations with flexibility to create a safe environment while seizing opportunities to create unique experiences.
• Be a supportive, constructive member of our camp community actively working to create a positive and quality experience for all campers and staff.
• Actively work to continue improving your skills – be open to feedback (+ & -) from supervisors.
• Participate in staff meetings as required. Participate in trainings as required.
• Return from time off, prepared to join the program and work with kids, when expected. Notify a supervisor personally and in a timely manner if you are unable to meet your commitment.  This includes illness and extenuating circumstances.
• Assume other responsibilities as mutually agreed upon with a supervisor.
• Consult Staff Manual for additional “All Staff” responsibilities, qualifications, and personnel policies.
Seek help and support with situations that are unfamiliar or need further explanation/training.
• Program Delivery:
  • Support residential health care staff
  • Review health histories, dispense personal medication, and provide first aid and medical care to all campers and staff in accordance with camp medical protocols.
  • Maintain a clean, professional, and organized Health Center and camper patient room.
  • Assist with Health Center check in/out: medication intake, lice checks and health screening.
  • Review and maintain all medications and health forms at check in and thereafter. 
  • Establish and maintain clear phone, and in person, communication with parents regarding campers’ health.
  • Dispense, or supervise the dispensing of, medications as prescribed or as necessary. 
  • Fill pills cups for dispensing at meals, snack, wake-up, and bedtime.
  • Fill overnight meds and communicate with unit leaders and cabin leaders regarding campers’ medications.
  • Communicate health, allergy, or behavioral concerns to the kitchen and unit leaders as appropriate.
  • Assist with illnesses and injuries at camp and provide consultation to staff handling illnesses and injuries off camp.
  • With all staff, help evaluate and maintain a healthy camp by monitoring general sanitation and cleanliness.
  • Communicate with health care providers to make appointments and arrange for transportation.
  • Maintain all records accurately and appropriately:  records of treatment, medication, phone calls; complete incident reports, as well as any required additional reports.
• Staff and Volunteer Relations:
  • Help train staff in preventative health and risk management.
  • Maintain open communication and proactively work to build strong relationships with all staff. 
  • Be accessible and available to staff; let staff (post) know where to find you.
  • Listen to staff ideas; with Leadership Staff and Camp Director actively work to improve the all camp program and camp culture.
  • Make a conscious effort to get to know staff as individuals: interests, working style, strengths, and areas for improvement.
  • Be a camp resource, to create meaningful experiences for campers and staff. 
  • Maintain confidentiality and professionalism.
  • Create notes for your successor to aid in smooth program transition and development.
• Safety:
  • Follow all YMCA policies, rules, regulations and procedures, including emergency and safety procedures. Complete incident and accident reports as necessary.
  • In an emergency, initiate the Emergency Management Plan and assume a lead role.
  • Ensure emergency procedures are followed, and notify supervisor of any incidents and accidents immediately.
  • Communicate any incidents, accidents, and behavior concerns to the Camp Director.
  • Know the location of the first aid kit, nearest phone, and incident reports.  Current certification in CPR and First Aid for the duration of the season required.
  • Provide 1st aid and CPR if necessary and compliant with level of training.
  • Maintain personal health (washing hands, getting enough sleep, healthy time off behavior, following Health Care Director/Doctor’s orders) and model positive health behaviors for campers.
  • Manage stress and use positive techniques for reducing stress, to respond quickly and effectively to situations, including emergencies.

Additional duties:
• Model our YMCA values through fun, positive relationships with staff and members. Seek every opportunity to encourage, motivate and thank fellow staff members for their work.
• Be enthusiastic toward members and staff by learning their names and expressing an interest in their YMCA activities. Strive to enrich their YMCA experience by introducing them to new programs, staff, members and volunteer activities.
• Incorporate “Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility” into all aspects of the position, to ensure YMCA values are being integrated into our culture and programs.
• Maintain a consistent professional image through dress, actions and relationships with others. Speak enthusiastically on behalf of the YMCA at given opportunities.
• Participate in applicable training and conferences to further professional growth as outlined in annual training plans.



• Medical experience required (NA/ MA/ RN /EMT/WEMT or any other medical certification). 
• Practical knowledge of the organization and distribution of medications, pediatric care.
• Outstanding ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
• Integrity, patience, adaptability, sense of humor, enthusiasm, and a commitment to serve youth. 
• Ability to train, motivate, and support staff; communicate openly with supervisor; support and connect with campers; perform duties as specified in job description and by supervisor; behave as an appropriate positive role model in all camp activities.
• Sensitivity to the needs of families including adults and children.
• Current 1st aid, CPR, and AED for duration of the season required.
• YMCA required trainings including Child Abuse Prevention training (within 60 days) and Blood borne Pathogen Training (within 90 days).
• Physical Demands:
 • Ability to walk hilly terrain unaided.
 • Visual and auditory ability to respond to critical incidents and the physical ability to act swiftly in an emergency situation.