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Laugh, create, give, and love. These are just a few of the positive words of affirmation that describe the culture at Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS).  We work together as a team and continually inspire each other to lead positive change, learn, and grow.  Our commitment to research, innovation, and advances in technology drives us to reach for what could be possible.  Every day is a new day to smile, do, and change. We are passionate about our work and making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

Since 1980 Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) has been a leader in medical treatment, rehabilitation and disease management for people with brain injuries. CNS offers residential, inpatient, outpatient and assisted living programs. Multi-disciplinary staff work together to develop/implement personal rehabilitation plans. We trust each employee to use their life and educational experiences to promote and build strong patient programs that improve patient outcomes. We offer exciting career opportunities where staff accomplish great things with a deep sense of service. Our locations include: Bakersfield, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston. 

Our facilities have been honored many times by the prestigious Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF International) for excellence in therapeutic programs, staff education, patient treatment, and leadership. We also conduct research on brain injury and recovery, with a dedicated, in-house team of Ph.D. researchers who collaborate with major U.S. universities. Please see our compelling corporate video, "The Story of Centre for Neuro Skills" at

Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) helps people with brain injury find hope, independence and a meaningful life - and you can play a key role in that journey as Regional Director of Payor Relations.

The Regional Director of Payor Relations is primarily responsible for the development and management of payor customer relationships within a defined geographic region or territory for the purpose of referral development.  Reflects the organizations' mission, core values and ethics.  Work is full time during the week, with a defined level of travel and some evening and weekend work. Work is performed in the community, the CNS clinics and at home.  A high degree of accuracy, organization and communication skills are needed for this position.

The company offers a competitive salary and benefits, paid time off, extended sick leave, medical insurance, paid holidays, and 401(k).

Minimum Requirements




1. Performs market research and analysis to identify payors and other funding organizations with greatest potential to fund CNS programs.  Schedules, conducts, and documents in the CNS Contact database and Large Account database results of direct referral development calls to referral sources including but not limited to commercial carriers, state agencies, municipalities, self-insured employers and third party administrators.  Contacts may include claims staff, case management and senior management staff.    
 Requires extensive use of CNS-issued smartphone, laptop computer, Lotus Notes databases, social media networking platforms, and conversations with customers.  Safe driving is expected at all times.

 a. Develop and modify as needed a Strategic Business Plan with goals, strategy and schedule of activities.

2. Identifies and coordinates opportunities to provide in-service training to referral sources and reciprocal opportunities for payor representative to provide industry education to CNS clinical staff.  Attends or participates in local, regional and national professional conferences as a representative of CNS.  Attends and participates in assigned trade shows.  At trade shows, sets up booth, moves boxes of marketing materials and display wall containers weighing up to 40 pounds as required.  Stands on feet for up to 4 hours at a time.

3. As needed, may participate in patient conferences and manages payor expectations during all periods of a patient stay including admission, progress and discharge.  Interfaces with several CNS departments to ensure successful delivery of CNS services including Admissions, Evaluations, Case Management and Contracting.

4. Travels within and outside the assigned regional area to achieve sales goals.  Attends and participates in the National Marketing and Admission Meeting (or equivalent) held approximately every 9 months.

5. Participates in weekly Calls Payor Relations Department Team Calls to communicate status of direct referral development activities and learn of relevant activities in the facilities.  Meetings are usually by telephone but may be in person. May participates in monthly staffing calls and payor teleconferences.
6. Promotes a positive and professional image and leadership role of CNS within the workers compensation, head injury rehabilitation community and all other work-related settings.

7. Updates marketing databases in a timely fashion as required by management.  Databases may include but are not limited to CNS Contacts database, the Patient C.A.R.E. database, the Time Reporting System and the Expense Reporting System in Lotus Notes.

8. Maintains professional and ethical relationships with staff, patients, patient families, and other visitors.  Complies with CNS Ethics Policy.  

9. As this is an “outside†sales position, qualifies for a Company provided credit card or has access to a personal credit card with adequate available credit to cover essential expenses including, but not limited to: business meals, parking, air travel, hotel, auto rental and other, normal sales oriented business expenses.

10. Attends staff meetings, in-services, and all scheduled shifts.

11. Comprehends and follows instructions:

 a. Maintain attention and concentration for necessary periods

 b. Apply common sense understanding and carry out instructions (written, oral or diagrammatic)

 c. Adapt to situations requiring the precise attainment of set limits, tolerances or standards

12. Performs simple and repetitive tasks:

 a. Ask simple questions or request assistance when needed

 b. Perform routine, concrete, organized activities

 c. Remember locations and work procedures

 d. Make decisions based on simple sensory data

13.  Maintains work pace appropriate to given work load:

 a. Perform activities on schedule, maintain regular attendance, and be punctual within specified tolerance

 b. Complete normal workday and/or week, perform at a consistent pace without excessive rest periods

14. Performs complex or varied tasks:

 a. Synthesize, coordinate and analyze data

 b. Perform job requiring precise attainment of set limits, tolerances or standards

15. Relates to other people beyond giving and receiving instructions:

 a. Can get along with co-workers or peers without exhibiting behavioral extremes

 b. Maintain open door policy to encourage active, empathetic listening.

 c. Perform work activities requiring negotiating, instructing, supervising, persuading or speaking with others

 d. Respond appropriately to criticism from a supervisor and/or other staff member(s)

16. Effectively influences people on a consistent basis:

 a. Convince or redirect others

 b. Understand the meaning of words and use them effectively

 c. Interact appropriately with people which includes the provision of appropriate internal and external customer service

17. Makes generalizations, evaluations or decisions without immediate supervision:

 a. Recognize potential hazards and observe appropriate precautions

 b. Understand and remember detailed instructions

 c. Make independent decisions or judgments based on sensory data or known guidelines

18. Accepts and carries out responsibility for direction, control and planning:

 a. Set realistic goals or make plans independently of others

 b. Negotiate, instruct or supervise people
 c. Respond appropriately to changes in the work setting


1. Assists in the preparation of regional referral development and marketing strategies. 

2. Performs other duties as assigned.


1. Bachelor's Degree, preferably in marketing or communications preferred.  Extensive direct medical sales or referral development experience can be used to offset the educational requirement.

2. Minimum 5-7 years experience calling on Workers Compensation accounts within the healthcare industry.  

3. Must demonstrate an ability to acquire knowledge of traumatic brain-injury rehabilitation, workers' compensation and reinsurance markets.