Food Project Manager, R & D


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Ten Pictsweet Drive
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The primary objective of the Project Manager is to efficiently coordinate the initiatives of the Research and Development Department. This includes but is not limited to; 1.) researching new products and packaging 2.) evaluating processing and packaging equipment, 3.) testing and commercialization of new products and packaging and 4.) specification and process control development. This position will report to the Director of Research and Development and work closely with the Agriculture, Engineering, Operations and Technical Services teams.



  1. Develop and execute scientific test protocols as needed and report findings in a clear and timely manner.
  2. Facilitate multi-functional project team meetings for assigned projects—working with a defined project leader.
  3. Oversee and assign work to multi-functional project team members including Operations, Marketing, Logistics, Purchasing, Sales and Customer Service to ensure project success criteria is met.
  4. Create a detailed critical path schedule identifying key milestones.  Rigorously manage the project team’s progress against this schedule. 
  5. Identify and track progress against key multi-functional issues for project teams.   Ensure appropriate focus is put against resolution. Make recommendations as required.
  6. Work closely with Agriculture, Engineering, Operations and Technical Services teams to ensure products are designed, commercialized and controlled in the most efficient and effective manner possible.
  7. Develop technical expertise in specific areas and serve as the project resource across Pictsweet in these areas.
  8. Lead process to assess existing products versus established standard and make recommendations as required.
  9. Work closely with Sales and Marketing team to ensure commercial issues are thought through and plans in place prior to launch.
  10. Interface with vendors, suppliers, outside labs and consultants.
  11. Estimate COG’s and provide simple financial analysis in order to help facilitate better decision making within project teams.
  12. Communicate across levels of the organization to provide candid project updates and escalate key issues as required.
  13. Clearly articulate project goals in support of the business' mission to all team members.
  14. Utilize creative problem solving and root cause/corrective action models to design optimal new products and enhance existing products.  

Minimum Requirements




  1. B.S. Degree in Food Science, Engineering, Project Management or a related field.
  2. Prior experience in food industry and or research lab.
  3. Culinary experience preferred.
  4. Proficient in MS Office and basic computer skills.
  5. Should be comfortable reading and analyzing scientific and food literature.
  6. Able to work independently and provide succinct reports.
  7. Possess strong organizational, interpersonal and communication skills.
  8. Must have strong regard for health, safety and hygiene for food handling environments.


The ideal candidate will have outstanding planning and organization skills, as well as good communication skills (written & verbal), good leadership qualities, effective problem solving skills, and strong computer skills - proficient in Microsoft Office software.  This position requires a strong attention to detail, objectivity, ability to multi-task as well as exceptional project and time management skills. This individual must be able to work well with customers, vendors, internal personnel, and other resources to meet project deadlines. The Project Manager must be able to convey a sense of urgency and drive to perform on behalf of the organization and strengthen partnerships with others inside and outside the organization who can provide information, assistance, and support.