Area Employee Relations and Compliance Manager


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Crystal City
United States of America
Human Resources





Investigate and respond to internal and external charges of alleged EEO violations filed against the Company; provide assistance to the field in interpreting and applying Company policies and procedures as they relate to legal compliance and employee issues; and perform ad hoc projects related to legal compliance and employee issues.  Position is located at corporate office. Little or no travel involved.  Experience in human resources, employment law and/or investigations preferred, but may consider a college graduate with excellent writing skills as a trainee. 



  • The functions listed describe the business purpose of this job or position.  Specific duties or tasks may vary and be documented separately.  An associate might or might not be required to perform all functions listed. Additional duties may be assigned, and functions may be modified, according to business necessity.
  • All assigned duties or tasks are deemed to be part of the essential functions, unless such duties or tasks are unrelated to the functions listed, in which case they are deemed to be other (non-essential) functions.
  • Associates are held accountable for successful job performance.  Job performance standards may be documented separately, and may include functions, objectives, duties or tasks not specifically listed herein.
  • In performing functions, duties or tasks, associates are required to know and follow safe work practices, and to be aware of company policies and procedures related to job safety, including safety rules and regulations.  Associates are required to notify superiors upon becoming aware of unsafe working conditions.
  • All functions, duties or tasks are to be carried out in an honest, ethical and professional manner, and to be performed in conformance with applicable company policies and procedures.  In the event of uncertainty or lack of knowledge of company policies and procedures, associates are required to request clarification or explanations from superiors or authorized company representatives.
  • Review newly assigned administrative charges and determine relevant issues.
  • Investigate charges of alleged EEO violations – discrimination, harassment, retaliation, FMLA, USERRA and others.   
  • Investigate for Legal Department as directed. 
  • Work with branch and regional human resources and management in resolving charges where feasible.
  • Work with branch in establishing scope and method of investigations, and perform investigations if necessary.
  • Contact relevant field resources and direct gathering of relevant data and determine Company position to external or internal charge allegations.
  • Write formal responses to charges of discrimination, and prepare requests for information as assigned.
  • Assist in preparing statements and other supporting documentation for charge responses.
  • Prepare field for EEO hearings and mediations; assist in negotiating settlements and preparation of settlement documents when applicable.
  • Assist in assessment of potential Company liability.
  • Assist field when possible in resolving employee issues and conflicts before they become charges.
  • Research legal employment issues as needed via internet and other available resources. Attend classes, legal update presentations and continuing education courses as required.
  • Work on special departmental projects as assigned (Forms revisions, handbook updates and revisions, brochures, etc.).
  • Coordinate with payroll department, benefits department, human resources, workers’ compensation, legal and risk management as necessary to resolve Employee Relations issues in partnership with field management.
  • Work with legal department in defense of lawsuits when required.
  • Assist with incoming telephone complaints and The Securitas Hotline issues when necessary. 
  • Position may require some intra and interstate travel.
  • Perform additional functions, duties and tasks of a similar nature and scope as may be required by the Manager or Associate Corporate Vice President to achieve department directives.
  • Carry out all responsibilities in an honest, ethical and professional manner.


Minimum Requirements




Additional qualifications may be specified and receive preference, depending upon the nature of the position.

  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing in a clear, concise and persuasive manner.
  • Strong customer service skills desired.


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred. 
  • Experience with investigations, compiling documentation, conducting research and/or involvement in human resources activities preferred.
  • Understanding of EEO Compliance and related employment laws preferred, but not required.

Competencies (as demonstrated through experience, training, and/or testing):

  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Strong investigating, problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Strong organizational, time management skills and ability to multitask.
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing in a clear, concise and persuasive manner.
  • Strong customer service skills desired.
  • Ability to work independently to complete lengthy projects.
  • Strong attention to detail required.

Working Conditions and Physical/Mental Demands

With or without reasonable accommodation, a candidate must have the physical and mental capacity to effectively perform all essential functions described.  In addition to other demands, the demands of the job include:

  • Maintaining composure in dealing with authorities, executives, clients, staff and the public, occasionally under conditions of urgency and in pressure situations.
  • Must undergo and meet company standards for background and reference checks, controlled substance testing, and all pre-employment screening.
  • Handling and being exposed to sensitive and confidential information.
  • Occasional lifting and/or moving up to 10 pounds.
  • Computer Usage.
  • Regular talking and hearing.
  • Frequent sitting.
  • Close vision, distance vision, and the ability to adjust focus.
  • Work primarily performed in an office environment.


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