First Aide Director


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Hale YMCA Youth & Family Center
9 Technology Park Drive
Summer Camp
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The YMCA of Greater Hartford is a charitable association open to all and committed to helping people develop their fullest potential in spirit, mind and body. This commitment is reinforced by our belief in living out universal values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility. 

Under the direction of the Senior Director the Camp First Aide is responsible for basic health care services for campers, staff, and facilities at YMCA Camp Chase.


  1. Participate in all pre-camp staff training (dates and times to be announced).
  2. Complete the YMCA of Greater Hartford Staff Payroll File including: application/agreement, all enclosed forms, medical forms and time off policy.
  3. Inventory all medical supplies.
  4. Order all necessary forms and supplies.
  5. Organize camper and staff medicals before the first day of camp.
  6. Call all staff and campers with missing medical forms prior to their first day.
  7. Set up first aid office.
  8. Prepare enough first aid kits for all specialty areas at camp.


  1. Treat all injuries and illnesses, administer medications, etc.(as directed by standing orders and Camp Physician).
  2. Record all treatments and medications administered and maintain health records.
  3. Obtain the signature of Camp Physician in health log each week.
  4. Lock up all medications when not in use.
  5. Maintain an adequate amount of medical supplies.
  6. Prepare medical forms for outgoing trips from YMCA Camp Chase and notify Unit

Leaders of special needs (allergies, medications, etc.).

  1. Be available during family nights and overnights.
  2. Assist in answering camp phone during camp hours.
  3. Assist Camp Director in other administrative jobs (forms, filing, etc.).
  4. Remain at camp until all first aid situations have been handled.
  5. Intake and make sure all necessary medications are at camp daily.
  6. Fax incident reports to the Executive Director daily.
  7. Any other duties as assigned.


  1. Prepare an inventory of all medical supplies.
  2. Pack up and secure medical supplies for off-season.
  3. Call parents about left over medications.
  4. Participate in evaluation of personal performance and overall camp program


This position carries major accountability with YMCA Camp Chase. The effectiveness of the

staff members fulfillment of this position shall be measured by:

  • Provide a safe, healthy and fun camp experience for all participants.
  • Provide quality care for injuries, illnesses, and emergencies as needed.
  • Increase enjoyment and enthusiasm of campers.
  • Provide a non-threatening atmosphere within which campers can grow and develop.
  • Maintain a positive attitude toward all campers, staff and parents.
  • Completion of necessary forms and paperwork.

Minimum Requirements


Minimum Requirements:

  • Has an understanding of the developmental characteristics of children and teens.
  • Has experience working with children and/or teens.
  • Has the ability to communicate effectively with children, teens, staff members and parents.
  • Enjoys working outdoors and understands the potential hazards of an outdoor setting.
  • Accepts and demonstrates the values of the YMCA (caring, honesty, respect, responsibility).
  • Flexible, with the ability to adjust to varying situations.
  • Must be certified in CPR, First Aid, Med Admin and, Epi Pen.
  • Mature and Responsible
  • Must be 21 or older

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to run, jump, and lift a minimum of 1/3 their own body weight.
  • Must be physically, mentally and emotionally fit
  • Must be able to swim (unless otherwise approved by the Camp Director).
  • Must be able to lift at least 40 pounds and continuously follow and promote the YMCA philosophy.