Juvenile Probation Officer


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2929 N Wells St
Fort Wayne
Allen County Juvenile Center
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Open until filled
Public Safety



This position is offered a comprehensive and competitive benefits package, which includes:

  • Medical, dental, vision and more
  • Generous paid time off and holidays
  • Retirement plan with up to 5% matching

This position is full-time, nonexempt, classified and covered under the Superior Court Employee Handbook.  This is an employee-at-will position.

Hours vary; ability to respond 24/7 to probation and home detention violations

Under the direction of the Chief Probation Officer, the Juvenile Probation Officer supervises and assists probationer, maintains accurate case records, testifies at hearing and advises Court of violation of probation and modifications of conditions of probation, in accordance with I.C. 11-13-1-3 and provisions within Title 31.


  • Receives and examines complaints and allegations.  I.C. 31-37-8-1.
  • Investigates reason(s) for detention and assists in pretrial release decisions. I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-5-5.
  • Completes risk assessments in accordance with the Indiana Youth Assessment System (IYAS).  Participates in mandatory communication with the Indiana Court Information Technology Extranet (INcite) to complete said risk assessments.  I.C. 31-3-17-4.
  • Completes preliminary inquiry investigation into the matter and prepares a preliminary inquiry report.  I.C. 31-37-8-1 & 31-37-8-5.
  • Advises juvenile and parents of nature of allegations and rights.  I.C. 31-37-8-4.
  • Confers with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office and implements Informal adjustment Agreements, if appropriate.  I.C. 31-37-8-et seq.
  • Conducts investigations as required by the Court.  I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-8-2.
  • Prepares reports and recommendations as required.  I.C. 11-13-1-3, 31-37-8-5, 31-37-13-2 & 31-38-2-4.
  • Completes required data entry for Title IV-E eligibility I.C. 31-37-17-1.3.
  • Accepts cases venued to Court from other jurisdictions.  I.C. 31-37-23-et seq.
  • Conducts prehearing/predispositional investigations and prepares reports.  Investigations include but are not limited to contacting schools, employers, and social agencies as well as further interviewing juvenile defendants and families to ascertain detailed family history, family relationship information, mental health information and other case specific information to be used in completing the predispositional investigation and reports.  I.C. 31-37-13-2 & 31-37-17-1.
  • Responsible for victim notification per Title 35.  I.C. 31-37-17-7
  • Attends hearing as required.  I.C. 31-37-12-2, 31-37-13-1 & 31-37-15-4.
  • Prepares petitions for no-contact orders.  I.C. 31-37-25-1.
  • Prepares parent participation plans.  I.C. 31-37-15-1.
  • Conducts criminal history checks as required.  I.C. 31-37-17-6.1 & 31-37-19-6.5.
  • Confers with individuals who have expertise in professional areas related to the child’s needs in the areas of appropriate care, treatment, rehabilitation, or placement for a delinquent child.  If said child is known to be eligible for special education services then said conference must include a representative from the child’s school.  I.C. 31-37-17-1.1 & 31-37-17-1.2.
  • Responsible for testifying at dispositional hearings according to I.C. 31-37-18-1.1.
  • Supplies written rules of probation in accordance with I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Supervises and assists probationer by all suitable methods including, but not limited to, conducting home visits, school visits, probation appointments; collecting urine samples for random drug testing; maintaining contact with counseling and other social service agencies, performing crisis management and mediation as needed in accordance with I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Maintains accurate case records providing information to the Courts when requested in accordance with I.C. 11-13-1-3.
  • Advises Court if violation of probation occurs. I.C.  11-13-1-3.
  • Advises Court if modifications of conditions of probation are appropriate. I.C. 11-13-1-3, 31-37-20-4 & 31-37-22-1.
  • Collects and disburses money from probationers. I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9-10.
  • Assists in transferring probation if appropriate.  I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-23-et seq.
  • Prepares case plans/permanency plans. I.C. 31-37-19-1.5.
  • Prepares placement progress reports as required.  I.C. 31-37-20-1.
  • Prepares financial reports as required.  I.C. 31-37-17-3.
  • Monitors for termination of parental rights, if appropriate.  I.C. 31-35-2-4.
  • Participates in mandatory communication with the Department of Child Services (DCS) via the Indiana Probation Officer Service Consultant Interface (IPOSCI), the Indiana Child Welfare Information System (ICWIS), and the Indiana Child Welfare Financial System (Kidtraks).  I.C. 31-37-5-8.
  • Supervises probationers placed in out-of-county residential, group home or foster care placements.  I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-19-1.
  • Monitors DOC commitment cases for reassertion of jurisdiction, if appropriate.  I.C. 31-30-2-3.
  • Follows up with juvenile and family to ensure understanding of all court proceedings and all probation/court requirements.  I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Makes referrals to counseling or other social service agencies, if applicable.  I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Cooperates with public and private agencies and other persons concerned with the treatment or welfare of juveniles on probation, assisting them in obtaining services.  I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Supervises juveniles while performing community service work.  I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Acts as a liaison with law enforcement. Answers phone calls/questions from parents and other interested parties, if appropriate.  I.C. 11-13-1-3, 31-37-8-2 & 31-39-1-2.
  • Completes follow-up and documentation of all contacts with juvenile and family.  I.C. 11-13-1-3.
  • Conducts home visits with defendants and their families as needed and maintains regular contact with them pending hearings.  I.C.  11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Transports juveniles to their homes, the detention facility and/or shelter care facilities when necessary.  I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Transports juveniles home and executes hook up on home detention/anklet, including review of program/rules with parent and juvenile.  I.C. 11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Responds to probation and/or home detention violations on 24/7 basis.  I.C. 11-13-1-3.
  • Collects urine samples for drug testing purposes.  Performs portable breath test to check for alcohol consumption.  I.C.  11-13-1-3 & 31-37-9 et seq.
  • Responsible for home detention equipment and County vehicle cleaning and maintenance.
  • Performs all other duties as assigned, including overtime as required.

Minimum Requirements and Working Conditions




  • Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice or related field
  • Indiana State Certification as a Probation Officer within six months with continuing completion of all certification requirements
  • Valid Driver’s License in order to drive to and from home visits and respond to probation and/or home detention violations
  • Ability to obtain a Valid Indiana Gun Permit and by Indiana State Certified in Firearms Proficiency if carrying a weapon
  • Ability to obtain certification in CPR and First Aid within one year
  • Ability to be certified in Chemical Agents Usage and Behavioral Interventions (BI) Equipment
  • Knowledge of local, state and federal laws applicable to probation operations, with the ability to apply and enforce regulations
  • Working knowledge of standard policies and practices of Allen County and Probation operations
  • Ability to effectively interview, investigate, counsel and work with clients and their families
  • Knowledge of treatment programs and services available to clients from government, social, and private agencies
  • Ability to use various restraint techniques, handcuffs, chemical spray, and firearms
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Minimum age is 21 years old
  • Required to attend an orientation program conducted by the Indiana Judicial Center within one year from date of first employment
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office and other related court and data base systems
  • Must be an American citizen
  • Shall be a person of good moral character


The Juvenile Probation Officer performs work that requires some lifting, bending, pushing and/or pulling loads, reaching over head, kneeling and exposure to dangerous equipment and chemicals.  The Juvenile Probation Officer has very frequent interactions with hostile and aggressive youth and their families.