Records Clerk/Data Entry


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Patrol & Public Safety Operations
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Law Enforcement/Sheriff's Office






Office Manager


Performs responsible and specialized administrative and clerical duties relating to the accounting and records management functions and responsibilities of the Sheriff’s Office.  The employee in this position serves as a lead worker and assists the Office Manager in a variety of complex and confidential administrative, records, and accounting policies and procedures that requires knowledge of Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures sufficient to interpret and communicate these to others.  The incumbent plans and carries out own assignments under general supervision of the Office Manager and may provide assistance and direction to less knowledgeable employees.


This employee will operate a variety of equipment associated with administrative and financial management such as a desktop computer, calculator, fax machine, and other office related equipment.  The demands of the job may be mentally stressful and is conducted entirely indoors in a climate controlled environment.


Internal:  Significant interaction and coordination among command staff and those responsible for the administration of the functions under this employee’s duties and responsibilities.  Requires interaction with all levels of personnel involved in the administrative and financial management of the Sheriff’s Office.

External: Significant contact with the general public and other county departments, especially those related to financial management.  The nature of the job is that most personal contacts are to give or exchange information, resolve problems, provide a service, and to negotiate or settle matters.


EXAMPLES OF WORK:  (The examples may not include all of the duties which may be performed or required)


  •               Collects data relating to attendance of all employees and maintains records of compensatory, annual, personal, and sick leave and distributes current information relating to leave to supervisors and employees.
  •               Assists the Office Manager with accounts payable, paying bills by purchase order and payment authorization.
  •               Organizes and maintains archival files for the Sheriff’s Office.
  •               Compiles monthly reports relating to activities in the various functions of the Sheriff’s Office distributing them based on standard operating procedures.
  •               Organizes and maintains the office supply room.
  •               Assists in the duties and responsibilities of a Data Entry Clerk as necessary.
  •               Collects, counts, and records deposits in the absence of the Office Manager.
  •               Supervises Records Office when Office Manager is absent.
  •               Assists with preparation of payroll when requested or in the absence of the Office Manager.
  •               Fills in for Data Entry and Records Clerks as necessary.
  •               Compiles list of Handgun Carry Permit Applications and distributes information relating to handgun permits to other offices in the Sheriff’s Office and other agencies outside the Sheriff’s Office.
  •               Performs related work as required.



Supervises clerks responsible for the management of law enforcement and corrections records, the management of the TIBRS system, and financial accounting of all Sheriff’s Office activities in the absence of the Office Manager.



Minimum Requirements



  •               Knowledge of the following:


  • ¬   English grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
  • ¬   Administrative practices and procedures.
  • ¬   Office automation and information technology in an administrative and accounting environment.
  • ¬   State and county laws, rules, and regulations relating to the records and financial management of the Sheriff’s Office.
  • ¬   Functions of other governmental jurisdictions and authorities as they relate to the Sheriff’s Office.


  •               Ability to do the following:


  • ¬   Establish and maintain effective working relationships with subordinates, other Sheriff’s Office and county employees, and the public.
  • ¬   Learn, interpret, understand, apply, and communicate Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures relating to records and financial management.
  • ¬   Prepare and effectively present oral and written information relating to the activities of the various duties and functions of the Records Office.
  • ¬   Make computations with speed and accuracy.
  • ¬   Keep and maintain complex records.
  • ¬   Assemble and organize data and to prepare reports from such data.
  • ¬   Exhibit tact, initiative, and good judgment.
  • ¬   Read and interpret written materials.



  •               Graduation from high school and three (3) years of related experience; or, any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  •               Must have a TIBRS and NCIC certification.