Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)


This position is responsible for assisting residents in all normal activities of daily living (ADLs) such as dressing, eating, bathing, transferring and toileting in a manner conducive to their safety and comfort.   Included may be the provision of nursing care to help restore residents’ functional capabilities in their ADLs.    

Principle Duties and Responsibilities

  • Accepts assignment from Charge Nurse and receives report regarding  condition of assigned residents 
  • Based on observations of resident condition, offers care plan team members suggestions for quality care improvement. 
  • Maintains awareness of unique resident care needs as recorded in resident care plans and provides care to support care plan goals.
  • Immediately reports changes in resident condition to Charge Nurse or designee.   
  • Accurately completes all required documentation according to established policy and within prescribed time frames including, but not limited to, restorative care and ADL records.    
  • Uses electronic or other established documentation system in an accurate, complete and timely manner to record ALL assistance provided to residents. 
  • Answers call lights as necessary to respond to care needs of all residents, not only those on assignment. 
  • Maintains resident rooms in safe, neat, and orderly fashion
  • As requested by facility management, accompanies residents to external appointments to help ensure their safety
  • Remains on duty as required to meet resident care needs until staffing needs on following shift are deemed adequate    
  • At end of shift, provides resident care information for on-coming shift to help ensure continuity and quality of care
  • Achieves minimum 12-hour annual continuing education requirements  to improve knowledge and skills necessary to provide high quality care.
  • Maintains current CNA state certification.  


Minimum Qualifications

Education:  Graduate of a 120-hour CNA instruction course approved by the State of Virginia.

Must hold a Virginia certification as a CNA or be eligible to obtain Virginia CNA certification within 120 days of employment.