Dietary Assistant


This position is responsible for assisting with food and beverage preparation, tray assembly, tray / food delivery and distribution, and sanitation.  Sanitation duties may include following established standards for washing pots and pans, storing food items, and maintaining general departmental cleanliness.


Principle Duties and Responsibilities

  • Serves on tray line and prepares individual resident trays in accordance with diet orders as reflected on meal cards and provides portion sizes that match menu specifications.
  • Prepares and, as assigned, serves beverages according to resident diet orders, providing thickened liquids and other specialized orders as directed.  
  • Prepares and portions desserts and salads for resident meals.  As necessary, wraps salads / desserts in approved covering to support infection control standard
  • As assigned:
    • sets up dining room(s) according to facility standards
    • assists with serving and setting up resident trays but never feeds residents
    • clears dining tables after meals and returns used tableware to facility dish room.
    • after meals, cleans off table and chair surfaces and prepares dining area(s) for next meal
    • sanitizes food carts​
  • Breaks down food delivery carts when returned to kitchen after meals.
  • Scrapes dirty dishes and loads dish machine with all tableware and silverware
  • Runs dish machine according to standardized instructions
  • Washes pots and pans according to established and approved procedures
  • Obtains and records water temperature of wash and rinse cycles.  Notifies appropriate supervisor if temperatures do not meet approved standards
  • Performs strip test of dishwashing water to determine chemical levels and documents results
  • Notifies appropriate supervisor if reading does not meet approved standard
  • Unloads dish machine in a timely manner and stores dishes, utensils, tableware, and silverware according to established procedures to support infection control
  • Assists with preparation and service of foods and beverage for resident activities and special functions.
  • Prepares resident snacks according to established facility system and provides to appropriate personnel for distribution
  • checks and restocks facility nourishments on the unit(s) with appropriate items such as apple sauce, juice, sandwiches, ice cream, pudding, jello, etc.
  • Cleans or helps maintain cleanliness of unit refrigerator(s).       
  • Assists with receiving and storing stock in accordance with established guidelines for food rotation, infection control, and safety considerations.'
  • Sweeps and mops kitchen and stock room as directed
  • Disposes of trash after each meal.
  • Performs routine cleaning tasks according to established schedule of cleaning assignments
  • As directed, participates in periodic deep cleaning procedures in kitchen, storages room(s), and walk-in freezers and refrigerators
  • Completes additional facility-specific ongoing tasks and projects as assigned by immediate supervisor