Staff Development Coordinator


This position is responsible for assessing nursing staff educational needs and planning
and implementing instructional programs to meet those needs as well as State and
Federal staff training requirements.

Principle Duties and Responsibilities
1. Maintains regular communication with Nursing and other departmental leaders to determine staff learning needs.
2. Provides leadership in formulating facility-wide training and education goals and objectives. Establishes or makes recommendations for the establishment of new or revised policies and procedures of the facility Education Department.
3. Develops and presents interactive staff training programs on centralized or decentralized basis as needed.
4. Provides one-on-one remedial training to address inadequate individual job skills/ knowledge when such training is requested by the employee’s immediate supervisor.
5. Uses various training techniques to optimize staff learning; included may be lecture format, printed materials, hands-on demonstrations, role-playing, group sessions, one-on-one training, unit-based instruction, etc.
6. As necessary to enhance learning, provides or makes provisions for inservice training programs in languages other than English.
7. Collaborates with internal, Cambridge corporate, and external speakers as applicable to provide expertise and variety to facility education program.
8. Provides consultation to other facility leaders regarding decentralized training objectives. Monitors decentralized training provided by other, provides constructive feedback and assists with improvement endeavors as needed.
9. Makes provisions for staff training and education on all 3 shifts and weekends as
10. Evaluates the effectiveness of training programs by measuring staff knowledge and skills after program attendance.
11. Maintains catalog that summarizes content and learning objectives of each training program.
12. Develops and publishes monthly training program calendar / schedule.
13. Maintains records regarding staff attendance at in-service training sessions including records to document 12 hours of annual continuing education required for CNAs. Advises appropriate leaders of non-compliance related to mandatory
inservice attendance.
14. Maintains staff education bulletin board to keep all personnel abreast of training schedules and to post educational materials of interest.
15. Participates in general orientation program for new employees providing specialized training in infection control / bloodborne pathogens, Hepatitis B vaccinations and other required clinical information.
16. Administers Hepatitis B vaccines per established nursing standards. Tracks administration schedule for each employee to ensure that all injections in the series are administered.
17. Maintains employee OSHA records including documentation of bloodborne pathogen training, Hepatitis B declination statements and Hepatitis B vaccination records.
18. Administers employee PPDs upon hire and annually as required.
19. Maintains employee PPD tracking log to ensure that all employees are testedannually.
20. Maintains regular and open communication with Human Resources Department regarding new employee orientation, PPD compliance, and employee healthrelated matters.
21. Prepares and presents or makes provisions for presentation of job-specific new employee training. Periodically follows up with new employees to assess knowledge / skills and make recommendations for additional training.
22. Provides direct supervision to departmental personnel offering training, guidance, coaching and counseling as needed to correct and improve performance and holding them accountable for care-giving practices, record-keeping, dress code
standards, attendance, policy compliance, etc.
23. As necessary to address performance and/or behavior issues with departmental personnel, implements formal corrective action in accordance with established policies and procedures.
24. Completes assigned performance appraisals in a timely manner and provides appropriate and effective feedback during performance appraisal discussion with employee(s).
25. Maintains certification as CPR instructor and provides periodic CPR certification classes for nursing staff.
26. Maintains CPR tracking log to ensure that all employees required by policy to be CPR certified have current credentials.
27. Provides State licensure surveyors with complete and accurate records regarding training programs provided, attendance, PPD compliance and other information
related to staff education.
28. Serves on or chairs facility committees as directed.
29. As directed, develops CNA certification training course and submits to State authorities for approval. Makes necessary revisions to meet State requirements.
30. As directed, obtains / maintains CNA certification course Instructor credentialsand teaches class in accordance with approved course outline.
31. Maintains current clinical knowledge and knowledge of nursing home licensure requirements in order to ensure that educational information provided to staff is current.
32. Serves as back-up interviewer for nursing department applicants when Assistant Administrator / Nursing, DON, Assistant DON or DONC is not available.
33. Provides written or oral reports as requested regarding centralized and decentralized training activities, outcomes and recommendations.
34. Operates department within established budgetary guidelines. Provides justification / explanations for budget overages.
35. Performs all job duties in a manner that ensures that confidential information and resident rights are protected at all times.
36. Supports quality of care and operational efficiency by maintaining acceptable attendance record.
37. Performs all job duties in a safe manner in accordance with established safety guidelines, protocols and expectations.
38. Reports unsafe conditions when noted and immediately reports accidents to immediate supervisor or other designated on-duty manager.
39. Supports and promotes facility and company standards for superior customer service by exhibiting positive, courteous, and helpful behavior when dealing with
all internal and external customers.
40. Complies with established standards described in facility policies and procedures, code of conduct, corporate compliance plan, employee handbook and other company documents and publications.

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Graduate of an accredited school of nursing in preparation for Registered Nurse
license. CPR Instructor Certification. CNA Certification Training course Instructor preferred.

Experience: One to three years long-term care clinical experience highly desired. One year
health care training experience preferred.

Other Requirements:
1. Must be a Registered Nurse licensed by the Virginia Board of Nursing.
2. Demonstrates verbal and written communication skills (in the English language) sufficient to perform the principle duties and responsibilities outlined in this position description.
3. Capable of performing the following minimum physical requirements:
     a. heavy lifting such as transferring residents from bed to wheelchair and /or lifting and carrying heavy objects;
     b. stooping, bending, kneeling, and reaching such as bathing a resident, wiping spills off floor, making a bed, lifting food trays from a cart, placing materials on shelves, etc.;
     c. frequent walking;
     d. pushing and pulling heavy carts such as food carts, medication carts, hand trucks, etc.;
      e. climbing stairs, stools, ladders.