Wound Care Nurse

Job Description


As a Treatment/Wound Nurse you will be responsible for performing resident skin assessments, obtaining treatment orders, administering treatments as ordered, and documenting appropriately to help ensure that resident skin integrity is improved and/or maintained.

1. Administers treatments as prescribed within standard nursing practice guidelines and in full compliance with established infection control protocols. 
2. Initials and dates dressings to ensure that changes are done timely as prescribed.
3. Conducts and / or leads weekly wound rounds to assess resident skin condition.  Documents findings appropriately and contacts physician to make recommendations for new or revised treatment orders.
4. Receives, transcribes and implements new treatment orders in a timely manner.
5. When requested by immediate supervisor or others in nursing leadership, evaluates a resident’s skin or makes arrangement for evaluation within 8 hours of request.
6. Monitors the progress of wound healing and makes recommendations for changes as appropriate.
7. Calculates weekly / monthly pressure ulcer rates.   
8. Performs and records weekly pressure ulcer assessment and  measurement documentation.


  • Graduate of an accredited nursing program in preparation for nurse licensure / registration. 
  • One year experience providing specialized treatments in long term care setting. 
  • Must be a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse licensed in Virginia or compact state or eligible to obtain license in Virginia.

NOT REQUIRED to be certified as a wound/treatment nurse