Environmental Services/Housekeeping/Laundry

Job Description


This position is responsible for helping to maintain the cleanliness of the facility and may include specific duties related to housekeeping, laundry, and floor care.

​Maintains the safety of residents, visitors, staff and others by keeping all hazardous products in areas inaccessible to the public when not attended or in use. 

​Cleans resident rooms, common facility areas, empties trash, mops floors, etc.

​Other duties: Laundry and Floor Care. 





Experience: Institutional cleaning / laundry / floor care experience in health care setting preferred 

Other Requirements:

  • Demonstrates verbal and written communication skills (in the English language) sufficient to perform the principle duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description.
  • Capable of performing the following minimum physical requirements:
    • a. heavy lifting such as transferring residents from bed to wheelchair and / or lifting and carrying heavy objects;
    • b. stooping, bending, kneeling, and reaching such as bathing a resident, wiping spills off floor, making a bed, lifting food trays from a cart, placing materials on shelves, etc.;
    • c. frequent walking;
    • d. pushing and pulling heavy carts such as food carts, medication carts, hand trucks, etc.;
    • e. climbing stairs, stools, ladders.