Van Driver

Job Description


This position is responsible for driving the facility van to transport residents to and from external outings and / or appointments and maintaining the van according to established maintenance and cleanliness standards.   

  • Transports residents as assigned using the facility van.
  • Assists wheel-chair bound residents and others who need physical assistance getting in and out of van. 
  • Observes all van entry and exit safety guidelines when assisting residents in and out of the facility van.
  • Ensures that all passengers have their seat belts fastened and that all wheel chairs are properly secured before operating the van.
  • Ensures that maximum allowed passenger capacity is never exceeded.
  • Fills facility van gas tank at the end of each day.
  • Ensures that the facility van is maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule.  Included may be making appointments and taking van to local service provider for oil changes and other routine service.   
  • Documents all maintenance service provided using facility van maintenance checklist or other documentation tool.   
  • Washes or arranges for van to be washed and cleaned as appropriate to reflect an acceptable image for the facility.
  • Ensures that all van Registration, Parking, City and State required inspections and permits are current.
  • While driving the van, maintains ability for routine and emergency communication by having a cell phone available at all times.  
  • Maintains highest level of driving safety by using the cell phone only when van is stopped or when doing so does not distract from safe operation of the van.
  • Operates van ONLY when vision and cognitive ability is not impaired by legal or illegal drugs, alcohol, illness, sleep deprivation or any other condition that could pose a safety risk to van passengers.  
  • Completes the designated trip log each time a trip is made and ensures that trip log is readily available for inspection at any time.
  • Obtains receipts related to using the van (such as gas, parking, maintenance, etc.) and submits according to established process. 




 High School Diploma required.

CPR certification.     

One year experience working with senior citizens in customer service or human services role.

Five years driving experience.  

Must have current valid driver’s license and acceptable driving record.