LH - Registered Medication Aide (RMA)

Job Description


Department: Nursing

Immediate Supervisor: Wellness Nurse / Memory Care Program Coordinator

FLSA Status: Non-Exempt/hourly

As a Registered Medication Aide (RMA) you will be responsible for administering prescribed medications in accordance with physician orders, State regulations, and facility policy.  

Principal Duties and responsibilities

  • Administers prescribed medications to residents who are classified as dependent in medication administration as documented on their most current UAI.                 
  • Administers prescribed medications not earlier than one hour before and not later than one hour after the facility’s standard dosing schedules except drugs that are ordered for specific times such as before, after or with meals.                               

Ensures the following:

o   all prescribed medications are maintained in the container issued by the pharmacy with the legible prescription label or direction label attached.   

o   sample medications remain in the original packaging, labeled by a physician or other prescriber or pharmacist with resident’s name, the name of the medication, the strength, dosage, route, and frequency of administration.                   

o   over-the-counter medication remains in the original container, labeled with the resident’s name, or in a pharmacy issued container.                                                

  • Immediately notifies nurse or other person in charge of adverse drug reactions noted or medication error.  
  • Documents all medications administered to residents, including over-the-counter medications and dietary supplements, on the medication administration record (MAR) at the time of administration or as soon as practicable.         
  • Administers PRN (as needed) medications ONLY if the resident is capable of determining when the medication is needed.  Other use of PRN medication will be governed by a licensed nurse.
  • Stores medications in compliance with State regulations and facility policy.
  • Adheres to each resident’s individualized service plan and immediately notifies supervisor of significant changes in conditions that might result in service plan changes.                               
  • Assists residents with personal care ADLs including but not limited to   bathing, dressing, shaving, transferring, toileting, hand-washing.     
  • Uses appropriate techniques to encourage residents to attend meals in the dining room and provides assistance to meet the individualized needs and preferences of the resident.                         
  • Assists with serving of resident meals.  
  • Obtains resident weights monthly.                                                  
  • Uses appropriate techniques to encourage resident participation in social and recreational activities.
  • Provides ambulation assistance as may be required to allow resident to attend desired activities, events, or group meals.  
  • Provides general assistance with mobility including walking with resident (with or without an assistive device) and using wheelchair.   
  • Documents care provided accurately and timely using the established documentation system and guidelines.                                                  
  • Responds to resident request for assistance in a timely and courteous manner. 
  • Assists with maintaining resident rooms in a safe, tidy (within scope of resident preferences), and orderly fashion.   
  • Immediately reports complaints or non-routine incidents involving residents, visitors, or self to supervisor.                                          
  • Based on observations of resident physical, emotional, and behavioral condition, offers suggestions to others on the caregiving team for quality of life improvement.                               
  • As requested by management, accompanies residents to external appointments to help ensure their comfort and safety.    
  • In working in Memory Care, obtains and maintains dementia care training and uses Positive Approach to Care (PAC) techniques as trained.
  • Assists with pet care as requested or assigned.   
  • Remains on duty as required to meet resident needs until staffing on following shift is deemed adequate.                                             
  • At end of shift, provides information to on-coming shift to help ensure continuity and quality of care.
  • Participates in training and education to improve knowledge and skills necessary to enhance comfort, well-being and safety of residents.  
  • Administers prescribed medications to residents who are classified as dependent in medication administration as documented on their most current UAI.                   




  • 1 year of experience in care giving or customer service in senior care environment to seniors is preferred but not required.
  • Successful completion of DSS approved program in direct care OR an approved nurse aide education program AND successful completion of a 68 hour medication training program and performance record approved by the VA Board of Nursing AND current Virginia registration as a Medication Aide.
  • Also, successful completion of a nursing education program preparing for RN or LPN licensure or current enrollment in a nursing education program preparing for RN or LPN licensure and completion of at least 1 clinical course in the program that includes at least 40 hours of direct client care clinical experience.   

Other Essential Requirements:

  • As part of its mission to provide a welcoming, homelike environment for its residents, Linden House promotes the use of animals as pets in the facility both as common facility pets and as pets owned and brought in by individual residents.  All employees must possess the ability and desire to work in a pet-friendly environment which will include performing job duties in the presence of pets, handling and caring for pets as may be required, and cleaning up after pets as necessary.  
  • Demonstrates verbal and written communication skills (in the English language) sufficient to perform the principle duties and responsibilities outlined in this position description.



EOE – Disability and Veteran, Drug-free workplace