LH - Activities Director/Memory Care Program Coordinator

Job Description


Job Title: Memory Care Program Coordinator/Activity Director-Memory Care

Department: Activities

Immediate Supervisor: Memory Care Manager


As our Memory Care Program Coordinator you will be responsible for: 

  • Planning, coordinating, and ensuring the implementation of resident engagement programs and individualized activities designed specifically to meet the unique social and recreational needs of residents with memory impairment

Management Responsibilities

  • Supervise performance and behavior of staff holding them accountable for care-giving practices, job performance, customer service, record-keeping, dress code standards, attendance, policy compliance, conduct corrective action plans and terminations when necessary. 
  • Provide “on the spot” training, guidance, coaching and counseling as needed to correct and improve staff performance.
  • Participates in the interview process and selects or makes recommendations for selection of staff for department or unit of responsibility.
  • Completes assigned performance appraisals in a timely manner and provides appropriate and effective feedback during performance appraisal discussion with staff.
  • Collaborates with immediate supervisor to develop annual operating and capital budgets. 
  • Reviews employee time records to ensure compliance with labor budget and to address staff non-compliance with time-keeping requirements (like “punching in and out” appropriately).  

Other duties and responsibilities

  • Develops, plans, and implements daily social and/or recreational events including large group, small group, and individualized activities for Memory Care residents.  
  • Provides or facilitates the provision of activities for Memory Care residents that address normalization (normal routines of daily life), social interaction, spiritual awareness, cognition, physicality (movement of body and limbs), purpose-driven goal setting (to enhance sense of accomplishment), and sensory awareness.     
  • Employs proven techniques to enhance mental stimulation, sleep habits, and self-esteem of Memory Care residents while decreasing undesirable behaviors such as agitation, wandering, aggression, or isolation.
  • Develops and publishes notices as may be necessary to communicate local support groups, educational sessions, local outreach, etc. to residents, their families and the community at large.
  • Coordinates and documents daily pet care for pets on the Memory Care unit.     
  • Directs, monitors and supervises volunteers assigned to Memory Care unit.         
  • Provides or make arrangements for meaningful engagement of Memory Care residents on weekends, holidays, and other times outside normal business hours.          






Must meet at least one of the following qualifications:

  • MUST have experience with Dementia patients.
  • Be a qualified therapeutic recreation specialist or an activities professional
  • Be eligible for certification as a therapeutic recreation specialist or an activities professional by a recognized accrediting body
  • ·Have 1 year of full-time work experience, within the last 5 years, in an activities program in an adult care setting
  • ·Prior to or within 6 months of employment, have successfully completed 40 hours of department-approved training in adult group activities and in recognizing and assessing the activity needs of residents.
  • Must obtain and maintain Positive Approach to Care (PAC) certification

Other Essential Requirements:

  • As part of its mission to provide a welcoming, homelike environment for its residents, Linden House promotes the use of animals as pets in the facility both as common facility pets and as pets owned and brought in by individual residents.  All employees must possess the ability and desire to work in a pet-friendly environment which will include performing job duties in the presence of pets, handling and caring for pets as may be required, and cleaning up after pets as necessary.    
  • Demonstrates verbal and written communication skills (in the English language) sufficient to perform the principle duties and responsibilities outlined in this position description.