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Administrative Center
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To assist in the establishment and implementation of the delivery of health and nutrition services for children.   Develop and promote health and nutrition programs as required in the Head Start Performance Standards.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following.  Other duties may be assigned.

1. Develops and maintains a plan for tracking and evaluating health and nutrition requirements of the Program.  Reviews ChildPlus data to ensure accuracy and compliance of health and nutrition data.

2. Maintains accurate nutrition and health records, documentation, and files.  Ensures confidentiality of files.

3. Reviews, evaluates, and interprets records, vital statistics, and other data regarding health and nutrition.  Plans and implements activities to meet the health and nutritional needs of children and families.

4. Works with Head Start employees to coordinate and schedule medical and dental appointments for children.

5. Meets with health and nutrition providers to negotiate services for children and families.  Develops partnerships with local community agencies to support health and nutrition services. 

6. Processes requisitions for health and nutrition services.  Follows up on any billing errors. 

7. Develops and provides health services training/resources for employees, parents, and communities.  Evaluates effectiveness of training.

8. Provides support to employees and families who work with children who have recurring medical or nutritional concerns. 

9. Encourages parents to adhere to screening, exam, and follow up treatment requirements.

10. Assists in completing required health and nutrition screenings and assessments for children.

11. Completes individual health and nutrition care plans for children who have medical concerns or special feeding requirements.  Provides parent consultation and coordinates care between parent, employee, and physician.

12. Completes orders for health and nutrition supplies and keeps appropriate inventory. 

13. Monitors health files, forms, and documentation for compliance with State, federal, and local regulations.

14. Develops and revises health and nutrition work plans, reports, policies, procedures, etc. as needed or required.

15. Assists in developing menus, including food preparation, and implementing sanitation standards, safety practices, etc.

16. Analyzes health and nutrition data for ensuring continuous quality improvement, providing feedback to employees, and informing stakeholders of progress.

17. Implements and monitors a system for promoting effective oral health hygiene and nutrition services.

18. Establishes a health services advisory committee and ensures committee meets at least two times per year.

19. Works with caseworkers to ensure a newborn visit is held with each Early Head Start mother and baby for the purpose of offering support and identifying family needs.

20. Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements


BS Degree in Nursing, Dietetics, Public Health Services, Health Services Management, or a combination of education and experience commensurate with the job description.  Prefer experience working in health related field with preschool children. Valid South Carolina Driver’s License.