College Intern

Job Description


College Retail Management Intern






This internship is designed to expose students to each department within the store.  It is an opportunity for us to seek exceptional college students, prior to their senior year of college, to train for future management consideration that best fits the student prior to completing the program.  When you have completed the program, you’ll know first hand what it means to be a SVT, LLC Manager. 


Job Responsibilities


You will work directly with our best department managers and mentors as you learn the grocery industry.  You will visits stores with Senor Management, and shadow Store Management.  Each week you will experience a new department learning basic store operations.  You will be given the chance to apply what you have learned in college through on the job training and real hands on experience.  You will be given real responsibility and authority.   At the end of the 10 weeks you will have experienced what is needed to be part of our Management Team.


The internship is a ten-week program that is conducted between the months of May through August.




Open to students during the summer prior to their final year in college.



Must be enrolled in a 4 year College or University with at least a 2.7 GPA and Junior class standing.

Students eligible for this program should be a business or management major. 

Students that do not want to make a career in retail management after graduation will not be considered.