Bakery Clerk

Job Description


Summary:   Position is responsible to respond to customers; assist other staff; clean and sanitize department; operate scale, industrial mixer; properly fill and rotate product.


Cake Decorating Clerk activities: 95 percent of time

  • Assists customers
  • Stocks and rotates product
  • Inspect bakery products for freshness
  • Faces merchandise in the department

Other activities: 5 percent of time

  • Climbs ladders/stair tower to reach stock
  • Takes orders
  • Builds displays
  • Cleans/sanitizes department, back room and cooler/freezer
  • Receives delivers and arranges stock in cooler/freezer
  • Prepares and packages product




Physical Requirements:

  • Standing with walking is required for entire shift (not including breaks)
  • Bending is required approximately 35% of the shift to reach merchandise from carts, to reach product in display cases and to stock
  • Crouching is required approximately 25% of the shift to lift merchandise to stock in the store
  • Push and pulling carts with product is required approximately 20% during the shift
  • Normal physical strength to handle up to 15-pound object, frequently -- products weighing up to 40 pounds are lifted 3-4 times per shift
  • Above normal coordination, including eye-hand, hand-foot
  • Above average endurance
  • Above average dexterity of hands and fingers with above average repetition
  • Above average coordination, including eye-hand
  • Sight with ability to distinguish color; perception of sound is required


Knowledge Requirements:

A positive customer service attitude & pleasant personality, effective memory skills, good hand eye coordination, dependability, ability to follow directions & a strong willingness to learn.

Mental effort

  • Above average concentration/intensity
  • Above average memory, taking into consideration the amount of merchandise
  • Above average time pressure


  • Normal verbal communication
  • Normal written communication
  • Normal nonverbal communication

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Average Hours Per Week:   20 to 39 hours per week

Hours Employee Must Be Available:   5 a.m. -- 9 p.m., Monday thru Sunday

Work environment:  Normal exposure to weather and temperature extremes. Exposure to cooler and freezer do not exceed 1 hour at a time.