Customer Service Manager

Job Description


I. Department Operations

  1. Customer Service – Manages department to insure that goals are met or exceeded for: (1) secret shoppers for cashiers, (2) secret shoppers for utility clerks, (3) weekly customer service audits, and (4) 30-second daily customer service talks.
  2. Productivity – Demonstrates productivity by insuring that the following departmental tasks are completed:  (1) maintains and monitors service levels according to store guidelines, (2) monitors break sheet to comply with business, (3) reacts to daily scheduling needs (call-offs and call-ins), (4) maintains front-end supply levels (bags, receipt tape, etc.), (5) monitors cashier checking procedures, (6) conducts cashier/bagger audits, (7) monitors check cashing/Telecheck program, (8) follows zone recovery checklist, (9) monitors and maintains front-end cleanliness, (10) directs backshop/bagger activities, (11) logs and completes pick-ups in a timely manner, and (12) hands out over and short notices in a timely manner.
  3. Department Procedures – Manages department to insure that the following departmental procedures are implemented: (1) follows through with cashier operation checklist, (2) monitors service center activities, (3) maintains registers in proper working order, and (4) assists in training and development of cashiers.

II. Management Skills

  1. Performance Reviews – Provides thorough, high quality reviews to all direct-reports that accurately address performance issues.
  2. Training – Implements departmental training policies to insure that:  (1) stated procedures are followed, (2) cross-training for associates is provided, and (3) follow-up training is conducted.
  3. Communication – Communicates effectively with management, department associates, the pricing department, and the cash office.