Loss Prevention Officer

Job Description



  1. Apprehension – Apprehends shoplifters in accordance with company policy and procedures without a questionable or bad stop.  Meets or exceeds the Apprehension goals as set forth in the department. 
  2. Employee theft/shrink – (1) reviews daily the cashier exception report, (2) Conducts backroom security check each shift, (3) Reviews the overnight CCTV Video
  3. Department Procedures – Practices and implements the appropriate department processes and  procedures in the following areas – (1) poses as a shopper, (2) observes suspects, (3) establishes a “probable cause”, (4) collects appropriate evidence, (5) makes detentions, (6) treats suspects accordingly, (7) processes suspects within prescribed time limits, (8) uses appropriate amount of force, (9) completes the required company forms accurately, (10) contacts law enforcement authorities


  1. Communication – Communicates effectively with department managers and store managers.
  2. Teamwork – Consistently cooperates with and assists coworkers.
  3. Store Policies – Follows all company and associate handbook policies.
  4. Safety – Maintains a safe work record (with no accidents or negative safety audits) and actively aids in creating a safe work/shopping environment.