Utility Clerk/Carry-Out

Job Description


Job Responsibilities:  Bagging groceries and carry out service (Strack & Van Til stores only). Properly maintain all aspect of cart operation including keeping the cart room full, carts clean, & operating the quickcart. Cleaning wet and dry spills & maintaining floor cleanliness, cleaning bathrooms, backshopping merchandise, & other general duties as needed.



Minimum Requirements:  A positive customer service attitude & pleasant personality, effective memory skills, dependability, ability to follow directions & a strong willingness to learn. Normal physical strength to handle up to 20-pound object, frequently -- up to 30 lbs is lifted 6-8 times per shift Some items weigh up to 40 lbs, this is handled occasionally.

Average Hours Per Week:  20 – 39 hours per week

Hours Employee Must Be Available:  Between 6 a.m. & 12 a.m. Monday thru Sunday