Floral Manager

Job Description


Floral Managers/Leads are responsible for managing department inventory, in-stock position, pricing integrity, merchandising, labor, and other operational processes to company standards. They must follow the Company sales and production planning standards and will ensure that the department achieves the standards of performance as outlined in the work plan. They will plan, order, and process floral items according to work plan and standards to maximize sales and gross profit. Floral Managers will ensure all new department associates receive proper training and supervision and will ensure correct ordering, receiving, unloading, storage, and rotation of merchandise and building of displays.



Minimum Requirements:  A positive customer service attitude & pleasant personality, effective memory skills, dependability, ability to follow directions, & a strong willingness to learn.  Must be 18 years of age or older.

Average Hours Per Week:  20 to 39 hours per week

Hours Employee Must Be Available:  6am to 12am