Director of Produce

Job Description



This position is responsible for buying within the produce/floral department for the Company, with a core focus on driving top line and bottom line results. The focus includes but is not limited to; sales, sales at a profit, margin, EBITDA, customer satisfaction, sales planning, sales messaging, product selection, inventory, associate relations and development and morale.  Additionally, the incumbent is responsible for developing and managing new initiatives to drive continuous improvement in the areas of sales, EBITDA, margin, customer satisfaction, inventory and stock loss reduction.  




  1. Responsible for delivering performance results that meet the defined expectations established by the CMO through the effective planning and execution.
  2. Responsible for managing the produce/floral P&L to achieve and/or exceed all budgeted sales, EBITDA, margin and costs.
  3. Responsible for developing all merchandising programs and standards within produce/floral.
  4. Responsible for item selection, new item assortment and plan-o-grams for produce/floral.
  5. Responsible for total customer satisfaction for produce/floral.
  6. Responsible for managing and achieving inventory goals for produce/floral.
  7. Adheres to and enforces the Company’s core values.
  8. Responsible for the management, development and direction for all direct reports.
  9. Responsible for associate morale, development, succession planning, and open door policy within produce/floral.
  10. Ensures that technology is being effectively utilized to achieve desired effectiveness within produce/floral.
  11. Demonstrates a thorough understanding of Key Performance Indicators as they relate to sales, shrink, and EBITDA- utilizes KPI reports to exceed expected results within produce/floral.
  12. Works in partnership with other functional leadership teams with a total company perspective approach, focusing on driving both top line and bottom line results.
  13. Responsible for implementing improved processes, systems and management methods to generate higher sales, EBITDA, and shrink optimization results within produce/floral.  
  14. Adheres to and enforces all Company policies and procedures.
  15. Ensures that all safety, state and federal laws/regulations are in compliance within produce/floral.





  1. Situational Leadership: Matches leadership style to the needs of individuals and teams; delegates and provides guidance and coaching accordingly.
  2. Motivating Others: Connects with and inspires others to perform at their best. Instills the desire to win in others. Establishes a challenging, stimulating, productive, fair work environment that supports both individual and team accomplishment. Recognizes others who take initiative and act with urgency. Makes things happen in the organization.
  3. Performance Management: Sets high performance for her/himself and her/his team members and holds those standards. Clearly communicates roles, responsibilities and expectations. Provides direct, candid performance feedback to her/his team in a balanced, constructive manner. Balances being demanding with being supportive. Rewards excellent performance and moves with deliberate speed to take action with under-performers.
  4. Talent Development: Creates a learning culture by supporting Associate training and development, and encouraging Associates to be self-directed learners. Demonstrates an accurate understanding of all of her/his team members’ strengths and development needs. Seeks out opportunities to stretch, grow and promote talent.
  5. Two-Way Communication: openly shares information and creates an inclusive work environment by seeking input, listening and demonstrating respect for others. Tailors language and messages to better connect with others’ communication styles. Encourages an active and open exchange of ideas with others, and invites and responds to others’ questions. Uses professional language with others.
  6. Change Leadership: Leads change efforts through careful attention to stakeholders and the impact on people. Assists people through change; builds their understanding, skills and confidence so they can be successful in the new environment. Addresses resistance by clearly communicating the change, explaining what it means to people and engaging them in the change wherever possible. Models flexibility, adaptability and patience in and with ambiguous situations, responding positively to new demands and challenges.
  7. Business Acumen: Demonstrates sound knowledge of "the business," including general business concepts, the grocery industry, and her/his functional area.  Appropriately prioritizes business problems.  Focuses the organization on what brings the most value to stakeholders.  Understands and utilizes a range of levers and options available to achieve success and build shareholder value.  Monitors the market place and capitalizes on business or industry trends.
  8. Problem Solving and Decision Making: Approaches problems using appropriate facts and information and makes sound decisions, taking into account both short- and long-term implications. Thinks nimbly and flexibly, envisioning multiple solutions to business issues. Determines the root causes behind issues and develops process improvements to eliminate or decrease recurring problems.
  9. Drive for Results: Aggressively drives for outcomes that are beneficial to multiple stakeholders (shareholders, Customers, Associates). Focuses on the critical factors that drive productivity, revenue growth and bottom-line results. Demonstrates a sustained track record of consistent, verifiable results that balance the need for short-term performance with a view towards long-term success. Actively seeks out new or better ways of doing things to achieve results more efficiently and effectively.
  10. Total Store Perspective: Addresses issues and problems with a corporate-wide perspective. Seeks to expand her/his knowledge about the enterprise. Optimizes Company performance by consistently and effectively executing Company programs. Collaborates with others and readily shares ideas and best practices to help drive overall Company success. Competes with external companies, not internal colleagues.


  • 5 + years’ experience in grocery retail produce/floral management
  • Multi store retail store management experience
  • Degree in Business Management or equivalent experience preferred 
  • Highly proficient oral and interpersonal communication skills with the ability to interact with all levels of management 
  • Experience with total P&L management
  • Superb organizational skills with particular attention to detail and the ability to handle multiple projects on time sensitive schedules 
  • Ability to prioritize and manage key projects
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently  
  • Proficient in word, excel and power point

These key accountabilities and requirements outlined above are in no way to be construed as all-encompassing. Other duties, accountabilities, and qualifications may be required or assigned.

This document does not create an employment contract, implied contract or promise of on-going employment, other than an “at will” relationship.

We are an equal employment opportunity Company.