DC-Dry Damage Rework - Night

Job Description


KVAT Food Stores, Inc. is currently accepting applications for the Production/Inventory job family. The Production/Inventory job family positions have a primary focus on various aspects of the production cycle at the Food City Distribution Center/Misty Mountain facilities. Additional responsibilities include conformance to quality standards and to all applicable company policies and procedures. The Production/Inventory job family may include the following positions: General Plant Worker – Ice, Filler Operator-Day, Filler Operator-Night, Inventory Control Clerk, Dry Aisle Forklift - Day, Dry Aisle Forklift - Night, Dry Auditor, Dry Call Investigator, Dry Damage Rework - Day, Dry Damage Rework - Night, Dry Dock Forklift - Night, Dry Grounds Maint - Day, Dry Housekeeping - Day, Dry Housekeeping - Night, Dry Pallet Yard, Dry Receiving Forklift -1, Dry Receiving Forklift -2, Dry Tobacco Rm Lead Stamp, Dry Whse Cycle Cntr -2, Dry Whse Cycle Cntr -1, Freezer Aisle Forklift -1, Freezer Cycle Counter -2, Freezer Cycle Counter -1, Freezer Housekeeping, Freezer Rec Forklift  HBC Auditor, HBC Cycle Counter, HBC Forklift, HBC Stocker -Whse, HBC Tote Stacker, Logistics Specialist, Misty Inventory Cntrl Clk, Misty Mechanic -Day, Mst Lead Sanitation -Nt, Mst Prod Maint -Nt, Mst Prod Maint -D, Perish Aisle Forklift -Day, Perish Aisle Forklift -Nt, Perish Lead Sanitation, Perish Qual Assur Auditor, Perish Rec Clerk -Day, Perish Rec Forklift -Day, Perish Whse Clerical -Day, Perishable Cycle Cntr -1, Perishable Cycle Cntr -2, Perishable Damage Rework, Produce Aisle Forklift -1, Produce Aisle Forklift -2, Produce Auditor, Produce Cycle Count -Day, Produce Cylce Count -Night, Produce Rec Forklift -1, Produce Whse Lead Loader, Vending Assistant, and Lead Person. A full job description with a complete listing of all job duties, responsibilities and essential functions will be made available.