Prepared Foods/Deli Cook

Job Description


Job Overview

Learn about the food we sell.  Smile, greet and be courteous to customers, work with management and all other team members to provide a high level of customer service, be punctual, work your schedule, conduct yourself at all times in a professional business manner, assist in any way possible and as directed to provide for a clean and safe store environment, perform other duties as assigned. Maintain and operate the Department in an efficient manner within Company Policy. Ensure that the shift contributes to the financial best interests of the store.



Initial minimum qualifications:


  1. Must be 20 years old; high school diploma or equivalent.
  2. Ability to display initiative and work with limited supervision.
  3. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with proven ability to communicate effectively.
  4. Must be detail oriented with the ability to continually multi task.
  5. Demonstrate self motivation and successful experience in previous jobs.
  6. Demonstrated ability to work with people of various backgrounds, personality traits and levels of authority to accomplish company goals.
  7. Must be able to read and write English adequately.
  8. Ability to speak, understand and follow English instructions.
  9. Successful completion of pre-employment/promotion drug screen and criminal background check (Timeline must fall within companies’ guidelines).



The list of essential functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary by the company.


  1. Work with Perishable Manager and/or Prepared Foods/Deli Lead for planning of daily meals or menus.
  2. Process merchandise according to production guidelines, ability to follow specified recipes, and adheres to strict food prep standards.
  3. Provide continuous attention to customers’ needs at the service counter and be available for customer assistance and questions about food products.
  4. Answer product questions and offer assistance in finding or suggesting product selection.
  5. Promote the company image as a service oriented operation where every associate will greet, assist, render efficient service and thank customers in a prompt, courteous, friendly and business like-manner.
  6. Possess good communication skills and ability to work well with all Team Members.
  7. Adhere to the company standards of safety, proper food handling practices, sanitation and productivity are achieved.
  8. Resolve customer complaints to the full satisfaction of the customer.
  9. Ensure all wage and hour policies and regulations are adhered to.
  10. Maintain accurate records (service logs, temperature logs, etc.)
  11. Monitor cooler and display area temperatures to ensure product quality; report refrigeration failure immediately.
  12. Offer product samples, answer product questions and offer assistance in finding or suggesting product selection.
  13. Ensure sales and work area are swept clean, orderly and free from safety hazards; report hazards to management immediately.
  14. Ensure shelves are clean as they are being restocked.
  15. Ensure compliance with company policies and procedures, and thus compliance with all state and federal laws applicable to our industry.
  16. Order, receive, unload and store deliveries; store, price, date, rotate, and stock product and prepare product for display and sale.
  17. Keep all prepared foods/deli merchandise and ingredients rotated in accordance with company policy and product code dates and always make use of the oldest products first (first in, first out).
  18. Work with Prepared Foods/Deli Lead for planning of daily meals or menus.
  19. Guarantee outstanding product quality and presentation through cooperation with the Prepared Foods/Deli Lead.
  20. Process merchandise according to production guidelines and follow established sanitation standards.
  21. Participate actively in the control of shrink; use proper tares, check scales for accuracy, control proper storage and minimize waste.
  22. Offer product suggestions.
  23. Slice meats and cheeses, prepare and wrap cheeses, sandwiches, and other deli related product.


  1. Prepare special orders as requested by customers.
  2. Stock display cases and rotate all products to ensure date control.
  3. Answer product questions and offer assistance in finding or suggesting product selection.
  4. Be able to operate and clean department equipment and tools.


Job Specific


  1. Restock and use supply items efficiently to eliminate waste and to maintain the lowest supply cost.
  2. Clean utensils, work tables, wipe counter tops, and front of display cases.
  3. Keep display cases, cooler and freezer organized and clean.
  4. Present favorable impression in dress, personal hygiene and business attitude.
  5. Notify management of associate theft, customer shoplifting, unauthorized markdowns or property defacement.
  6. Clean walls, fans and drains in kitchen cooler, display cases and work area.
  7. Successful completion of the passbook training within 60 days of entering the department.
  8. Other duties as assigned by management.


Education and/or Experience:

  • High school education preferred but not required.
  • Successful completion of a training program or equivalent combination of education and experience