Ride Attendants/Operators


If you are a hardworking, safety conscious and reliable individual who enjoys working outdoors and in the sunlight, then join our team as a Ride Operator at Six Flags! We are seeking diligent and attentive Ride Operator who will be responsible for the safe operation of a given ride or series of rides throughout the park. You will follow all delegated tasks assigned by Rides Management and maintain all aspects of the Six Flags "Friendly, Clean, Fast, Safe Service" mantra while on the job. As an active team member of the Operations Division and the Rides Department, you will also be in direct and continuous interaction with guests, leads and supervisors on a daily basis for whom you will maintain a clean and safe environment at all times.


Job Responsibilities

As a Ride Operator, you will comply with all the policies and procedures of Six Flags. You will assist guests and always operate the ride in a safe and responsible manner. Furthermore, to ensure the safety of all our guests, you will enforce policies specific to the attraction you are in charge of in regards to what guests can bring on, what they’re allowed to wear and body proportions.


Additional responsibilities for the Ride Operator include: 

  • Filling out a pre-opening inspection checklist for the ride you are assigned to
  • Checking to make sure that all the communication functions for your assigned ride work properly
  • Checking all guests’ restraints
  • Running the ride using the control panel
  • Communicating with guests when the ride is not in motion
  • Cleaning the ride units
  • Closing down the ride
  • Filling out a team member log



As a Ride Operator for Six Flags, you must study the procedures and proper operational techniques of the park and follow them in every relevant situation. You must also be focused as a Ride Operator and cycle people through the attraction efficiently and cautiously.

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