Manager Cafe Trainee

Job Description


Position Summary:

Serves as a trainee for a specific duration with the intention to prepare for service as a Foodservice Manager; learns essential aspects of the Foodservice Manager job and demonstrates successful completion prior to being promoted; learns how to serve as the leader and oversees the foodservice operation within a specific store; ensures that the foodservice programs operate efficiently and in compliance with applicable Federal, State and local laws and Company policies; provides day-to-day direction and oversight to foodservice employees


Position Responsibilities:   (The following are to be learned and practiced during the training period)

  • Plans and monitors the daily and weekly work schedules of foodservice employees, including, but not limited to, directing work assignments, providing guidance and assistance on daily activities and projects, monitoring and evaluating performance, making recommendations on employee reviews and salary considerations, and assisting in disciplinary actions
  • Provides training and coaching to employees, ensuring foodservice positions are staffed to appropriately handle specific food preparation and customer service needs
  • Helps to ensure that employees follow all Company policies as detailed in the Operations Manual, Foodservice User’s Guide, and other foodservice guides, and in compliance with Federal, State, and local laws
  • Promotes an environment focused on customer service, satisfaction and store cleanliness
  • Works in tandem with other associates, Shift Leaders and/or Co-Managers within the store and foodservice area to ensure Management/leadership is available to customers and employees at all times
  • Provides support to foodservice area as needed, often beyond regularly scheduled work times.  If not available, ensures that a reliable backup has been provided
  • Helps perform and supervise all minor maintenance tasks in order to eliminate inconvenience to the customer.  Supports procedures for additional repairs and maintains work orders
  • Ensures applications and staffing forecasts are forwarded to recruiting centers when applicable
  • Responds quickly to all emergencies for the safety and security of customers and employees; notifies the appropriate individuals as needed
  • Helps audit foodservice inventory and manages on hand quantities to ensure product availability and inventory accuracy
  • Ensures that all necessary reports and paperwork are completed in a timely fashion
  • Promotes staff retention by empowering employees and encouraging increased employee productivity
  • Handles escalated customer concerns in absence of the General Manager.  Seeks appropriate resolution for the situation while observing Company guidelines
  • Adheres to, and trains employees to follow all policies and procedures
  • Ensures the foodservice area maximizes sales and profits while maintaining asset controls
  • Demonstrates a high value for Health, Environment, Safety and Security (HES) issues, initiatives and programs in both personal and organizational responsibilities
  • Integrates HES into day-to-day job performance.  Maintains a safe environment for all customers and employees
  • Promotes and maintains a clean and organized foodservice area appearance
  • Fosters an environment focused on customer service and satisfaction
  • Orders products, verifies deliveries and posts accurate invoices as directed by General Manager
  • Follows and complies with all health and sanitation procedures and adheres to safe work practices
  • Manages inventory levels, including completing inventory counts required for accurate ordering or product
  • Completes other duties, including special projects, as assigned by Management



Education Requirements:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent 

Experience Requirements:

  • Restaurant/Foodservice experience preferred
  • Completion of Speedway required training program
  • Previous supervisory experience preferred 

Skill Requirements:

  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to research and resolve issues 
  • Good understanding of intra-department functions and store operations
  • Knowledge of all types of foodservice and related programs
  • Knowledge of ways to handle customer and employee injuries, incidents and accidents
  • Ability to perform repeated bending, standing, and reaching
  • Ability to occasionally lift up to 50 pounds 

Additional Requirements:

  • Available to work a variety of shifts and/or days of the week consistent with the demands of the retail environment, which includes weekends, evenings and other high activity periods
  • Must have a valid Driver’s License from the state in which Manager Trainee resides
  • Must maintain automotive liability insurance during course of employment 

Preferred Managerial Attributes:

  • Exhibits strong leadership qualities and a desire to succeed
  • Serves as a mentor to employees by modeling appropriate workplace behavior
  • Interacts positively with employees by seeking input and providing appropriate feedback
  • Seeks opportunities for employees to develop skills
  • Identifies and attracts outgoing, customer focused individuals to build a customer driven workforce
  • Understands, actively demonstrates and promotes the principles of the customer service initiatives
  • Creates excitement around Company initiatives in order to drive sales goals
  • Fosters a work environment where good performance is recognized and rewarded
  • Demonstrates the required competencies needed to become a General Manager, and is willing and available to be promoted to any available location in the market area
  • Empowers employees to make non-personnel related decisions in absence of immediate Manager