CAMP - CCAC - Resident Camp Counselor

Job Description



Under the direct supervision of the Administrative Staff and Camp Director.  He/She is responsible for working directly with children and plays an integral role in the development of building strong character values in youth.  Food and lodging is provided during the resident care of campers and/or program delivery.  The staff at all times is representative of the philosophy, mission and goals of the YMCA and its Camping Program.  Staff must strive to work cooperatively with the Camp Director and fellow employees to achieve the goals and objectives of the YMCA.



Accomplish and/or assist in all functions related to the running of camp.  Will work with an assigned group of 8 – 10 campers ages 7 – 16 and will be responsible for group at all times while in the care of the YMCA.  Responsible for providing diverse program experiences for assigned group during camp period.  Will be responsive to campers needs and wherever possible involve group in decision making.  Will at all times be responsible for insuring the safety of all campers throughout the camping season.  Will keep camp clean and safe for all campers.  Will insure the preservation of the natural environment of the camp setting.  Will take responsibility for the proper use, care and storage of all camp equipment.  Will maintain a neat appearance; wearing an appropriate staff shirt during opening and closing day.  Will be responsible for reporting and assisting Camp Director in all accidents occurring during camp time.  Will attend all staff training, in-services and meetings.  Will read and review Camp Staff Manual.  Responsible for following all policy and guidelines.

All camp staff will at all times have the opportunity to meet with the Camp Director and/or Program Director to discuss any problems, needs or concerns he/she may have.  Will accurately complete and return Accident Reports to Camp Director.  Will follow scheduled activities.  Will be responsible for maintaining discipline in assigned group, as well as other campers when needed.  Will review and understand all emergency drills and be prepared to implement them.  Will be prepared to discuss with parents any experience each child in the group has at camp.  May be asked to telephone each camper’s parent, each session to introduce him/herself and answer questions parents may have.  Will be responsible for group on field trips.  Will follow field trip policies.  Will be required to perform any other appropriate duties as assigned by the Camp Director, Asst. Camp Director, Specialist Director and/or Program Director.  Assist in development and implantation of themes for each session.  To Smile and Have Fun, making sure others do the same.




Minimum Age 18:  CPR Certification:  Basic First Aid:  Must be an example of good moral behavior:  Must be motivated to interact with children:  Must be able to build positive relationships with Campers, Staff, and Parents:   Physical and Mental Requirements: Will closely supervise a group of campers in a scheduled activity in camp:  Must be alert to children’s activities to recognize potential hazards and accidents:  Such supervision will consist of visual and auditory awareness, as well as a pattern of circulation among the children:  Will be completely responsible for the safety and wellbeing of each child in the camp:  Must quickly move to attend to injured or ill children and initiate first aid procedures: Must be able to transport (pick up and carry) children weighting up to 50 pounds in case of emergency: